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DavidsTea Supreme Pekoe Tea Davids Tea Review - Perfect Spoon Loose

On to the next of the new limited edition traditional teas from DavidsTea this summer, Supreme Pekoe.  I had high expectations for this one, I love black teas and as a “supreme pekoe” it had to be good right? They promise a smooth cuppa of plain black tea giving a rich, malty and bold blend that has hints of sweet graham cracker notes.  Sounds perfect!  DavidsTea recommended adding milk and sugar to this, which I will get to in a bit as I rarely sweeten black teas, although I do love milk in my morning cup of black tea.

DavidsTea Supreme Pekoe Tea Davids Tea Review - Ingredients

DavidsTea Supreme Pekoe Ingredients and Steeping Instructions

Ingredients: Black tea from Sabaragamuwa Province in Sri Lanka.

Steeping Instructions: As with most black teas, 1-2 perfect spoons per 16oz near boiling (194℉ – 203℉ or 90℃ – 95℃) water for 4-7 minutes.

Pricing: $7.98 per 50g with approx 4g per perfect spoon

DavidsTea Supreme Pekoe Tea Davids Tea Review - Loose Closeup

I find that DAVIDsTEA Supreme Pekoe does need to steep to the longer of the steeping time for full flavour.  The tea is curled tightly the longer you steep, the more it unfurls giving you more flavour.  I used two perfect spoons for my 20oz Avon ‘you had me at meow’  travel mug.  I originally tried this with 1 perfect spoon for a 16oz mug but after chatting with a tea guide who said it really benefits from sweetening and the extra spoon of tea, I gave it another try.

DavidsTea Supreme Pekoe Tea Davids Tea Review - Avon You Had Me At Meow Cup - Black

DavidsTea Supreme Pekoe Tea Davids Tea Review - Avon You Had Me At Meow Cup - Milk

As I mentioned, I was not the biggest fan when I first tried Supreme Pekoe and got none of the graham notes promised which was a disappointment.  My tea guide recommended giving it another go with more tea, milk and a little honey or sugar and it was so much better.  The sweetness and milk really do bring out the graham notes and it is maltier than many black teas living up to its supreme name.

Since I rarely sweeten black teas an do not like using a low/no calorie sweetener in them, I just added a touch of honey and it was enough.  So, if like me, you prefer your teas without it, give it a try with this one.  A little sugar can make a huge difference.

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