The Body Shop Summer Essentials For Your Face

The Body Shop Summer Essentials Honey Bronzer and Drops of Youth

The Body Shop Summer Essentials Honey Bronzer and Drops of Youth

We all have things we can’t live without and while some are staples for us, others change by the season.  Bronzer for example is a summer must have for me so I don’t look like a ghost while all year round, I look for anything to help my skin which likes to take combination to the extreme.  The Body Shop recently recommended some essentials for summer so I took the opportunity to try some of them.

The Body Shop Honey Bronzer

The Body Shop Honey Bronzer Review and Swatches

The first of the Summer Essentials I tried was The Body Shop Honey Bronzer, shown here in Medium Matte.  It is enriched with Community Trade honey from Ethiopia.  The honey comes from the Bezamar community in the Bale Eco-Region where they build handcrafted bamboo and grass beehives which are hung in trees to attract the bees.  No mass farms of wooden behives there.  Farmers get paid a fair price and The Body Shop gets an amazing honey product to use.

The Body Shop Honey Bronzer Swatch

I tend to use Fair Matte but towards the middle of summer or for contour, Medium Matte gives just the right amount of colour and depth. I love that this doesn’t have a pile of gold shimmer, the matte powder can be use for contouring and it is really wearable as an all over bronzer.  Super soft and blendable, I use my Real techniques Powder brush for a gentle all over glow and a little goes a long way, the swatch above is just one swipe with my finger so don’t overdo it!

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate

The Body Shop Drops of Youth - Youth Concentrate Review

This stuff is a miracle worker, this should be all season essential and not just included in their Summer Essentials.  The Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate may seem like you should only use it if you are older but it does amazing things to the skin. I am sure you have seen me post several times that I don’t expect miracles or overnight success from skincare but the Drops of Youth Concentrate made my skin look plumper, moisturized and healthier almost instantly.  After two weeks of use, I have had so many comments (including a coworker who asked if I was pregnant “because you are glowing not because you are fat” – from anyone else I would find it rude but you have to know him).

Taking its technology from plant stem cells from Edelweiss, Sea Holly, and Criste Marine, The Body Shop’s Youth Concentrate works to help boost surface skin cell renewal.  You would think this would take a while but seriously, overnight results on this one and well worth the $40 price tag (although you know me, I only buy when they have a sale).  It isn’t sticky feeling so you can apply your makeup pretty much right after it and is silicone, paraben and many other bad things free as well as including 99% natural ingredients.  This one I will definitely be buying again!

I have some of The Body Shop’s Summer Essentials for the rest of the body to share, so check back for those soon!

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