Pueen Love Box 2 & Shipping To Canada

Pueen Love Box 2 Pueen Shipping To Canada

Pueen Love Box 2 Pueen Shipping To Canada

A bit if a different post today.  I am sharing a quick overview of Pueen’s Love Box 2 Collection which I recently received but also a review of Pueen.com and their shipping policies to Canada.  I have a number of Pueen products, but the Love Boxes are not available on Nail Polish Canada or Amazon.ca so I had to order direct from them.  They have very little information on their shipping policies and it was difficult to find any posts from people ordering from Canada, so I thought I would share.

Pueen Scraping Card Pueen Shipping To Canada

Pueen Stamper Pueen Shipping To Canada

Starting with the Love Box 2 itself, you get four stamping plates, each with a cardboard sleeve showing some designs using it.  The kit also includes a stamper and scraper so you have everything you need (except stamping polish) to get started with nail stamping.

The scraping card is cute but not one I would use just due to personal preference.  It is shiny, credit card thickness with some flexibility to it.

The stamper I do like the initial feel of, so will definitely give it a try when I do some swatches of the Pueen Love Box 2.  The stamping head is small enough to line up images well but big enough for my nails, even my thumb which has a wide nail.  It has some give to it, but is not overly soft where the image stretches too much and not too sticky.

Pueen Love Box 2 Plates Pueen Shipping To Canada

My pet peeve is image plates where the stamp does not cover the nail.  I realize that while not long, I have a long-ish nail bed and fairly large nails but that line from plates that do not fit for a full nail stamp drives me crazy.  All four plates in the Pueen Love Box 2 have nice large images that easily cover the nail.

Pueen.com Shipping To Canada & Review

On to the review of my experience with Pueen and how they ship to Canada.  As most Canadians will know, seeing a Fedex, DHL or other courier mentioned on a site can make you think twice about buying.  Most of us have had to pay their ridiculous brokerage charges for our package being with hundreds of others crossing the border.

It wasn’t clear how Pueen would ship to Canada from the FAQ, so I emailed them to ask.  The reply gave me the shipping cost, but no details.  I really wanted this set so I went ahead and just hoped it would ship with USPS which was listed in their carriers.  The checkout said that the package would take 14-28 business days to Canada and it took 11 business days / 15 days so fairly fast in comparison.

Turns out that while Pueen uses USPS in the US (and offers free shipping there with a minimum spend), packages for the rest of us come from China.  My tracking number listed USPS as the carier but their system could not find it, so trying Canada Post, I found that it went China Post direct to Canada Post – something to be aware of if your tracking number isn’t working.

The shipping cost of $8.99 US now seems a little high knowing they ship from China where most companies ship free.  However, unlike some companies (looking at you here Born Pretty), the package showed in the system within 24 hours of my receiving the confirmation of shipping, was shipped the next business day after my order was placed and the tracking number also worked in Canada.

Once it arrived, I found it was well wrapped in bubble wrap and plastic which was taped to the size of the box to keep it safe on the journey from China.  The Pueen Love Box 2 Collection is $18.99 US and despite tracking showing it sat in customs for a day, no taxes were due.  Obviously anything over $20 is subject to taxes and I just got lucky since it was so low but they did not put a ridiculous price on it for insurance purposes that increases your customs pricing.

Overall, I would order from Pueen again, but wish they were a bit more forward in

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  1. If I stamped, I’d be interested in this!

  2. I’ve been curious about their shipping, so yay for figuring it out. Seems a little strange to ship China to Canada if they ship inside the US, but at least it was quick.

    1. Especially after they sent me tracking saying it was sent USPS but no brokerage charges is all I really care about so

  3. ooooh. I definitely need/dont need more stamping plates.

    1. Haha I mentioned ordering to him and he said “did you not say you had some you have not tried yet?”
      Yeah but I NEED these ones

  4. Thanks for the in-depth review! I think this works for all of us outside the US!

  5. I’ve been careful about buying from anywhere that’s not USPS shipping, so I’m glad to hear you didn’t get hit with brokerage. Really useful info. Thanks!

    1. Me too, I even emailed to request it be sent USPS but they couldn’t tell me which carrier they would use

  6. I haven’t ordered one of their boxes before but this looks great! At least the shipping worked out and you didn’t get socked with taxes!

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  8. Sidebar: What polish is that?

    1. Quo by Orly Color Amp’d in Paparazzi (review/swatches)

  9. I’m definitely going to check them out. They have great vinyls too. 🙂

  10. I’ve never tried Pueen products before and this review is really really helpful for me! I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of looks you make with the plates. 🙂

  11. Thank you for this in-depth review on the shipping and everything! I’m curious now to see how it would work to ship it to Holland. The stamping plates sure look awesome…

  12. I’m not even a stamper and I kinda want this!

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