Essence Don’t Be Shy Swatches + Nail Art

Essence Don't Be Shy Stamped Gradient Swatch Sunlight

Essence Don't Be Shy Swatch Artificial Light

When I started the Alphabet Nails series a few weeks ago, I did not expect the letter D to be a difficult one.  I figured I would have multiple polishes to choose from each week, at least until the more unusual letters at the end of the alphabet.  I do have a few D polishes including the beautiful Zoya Daul, but I used that a while back for Pi Day nails so wanted to share something else.

Essence’s Don’t Be Shy I probably bought only because I bought the rest of the collection.  Even when I swatched these polishes a while back, I literally swatched one finger for a photo.  It is not really my kind of colour so I was really surprised to love the nail art I did with it.  This yellow leaning almost lime green is part of the original The Gel collection from Essence.  Don’t Be Shy is quite in your face so is well named,.  Shown here in artificial light it looks a little more green.

Essence Don't Be Shy Swatch Sunlight

While in sunshine, the yellow comes through, but it is also much brighter.  The formula is great, two coats gives you full opacity and the dry time is decent.

Essence Don’t Be Shy Nail Art

Essence Don't Be Shy Supplies

I knew that I probably would not wear this bright colour alone, so did a gradient of Essence Don’t Be Shy, Va-Va-Voom (Soft Matte Pink) & Amazed By You (Purple) all from The Gel collection and stamped it with MoYou The Pro 06 plate using the black polish from the Mariposa set reviewed here.

Essence Don't Be Shy Stamped Swatch 2

Essence Don't Be Shy Stamped Gradient Swatch Sunlight

I really like this design, the stamp did not pick up perfectly, likely due to that mini bottle of black polish getting a lot of use, it is almost empty and getting thicker.  Since leaves get holes from insects and small animals eating them, it works though.  In sunlight, the gradient is beautiful and makes me want to go sit somewhere tropical and not work!

The yellow is really toned down by the pink and purple making it a bright but wearable nail art look that I just didn’t want to take off.  I was too lazy to do the other hand though, so did a gradient of the colours with Don’t Be Shy on my baby finger working up to Amazed By You on my thumb.  The purple darkens the pink on the nail art but looked a little out of place as a single colour on my thumb, oh well!

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18 Replies to “Essence Don’t Be Shy Swatches + Nail Art”

    I love the colour and I ADORE the nail art! I’m going to pick this one up!!!

    1. I didn’t think I would like it when I got it, but why skip one from the collection? But on the nail, it looks much nicer than in the bottle and is great mixed with the others

  2. I just bought the green and the matte pink essence polishes too! They are gorgeous. I’ve been buying their matte translucent powder for awhile now.. At first I thought it was just a cheapie brand but then noticed its from Germany…I started looking into it and essence is actually fantastic quality and has some really good dupes!! I have sensitive skin and can’t use brands like cover girl or maybe line without my face breaking out on rashes and so I was super hesitant about anything essence touching my face until I researched it!!! Amazing stuff! And I heard they will be putting them into super store and loblaws cosmetics sections too so I hope we get the full range of their products!!!!!! I havent used the polishes yet, just swatched them… Did you find that they stay on well?

    1. I have tried a few products I didn’t love but in general, you can’t beat the quality of essence at that price point. The polishes last 2-3 days on me, but I am hard on my nails and rarely wear one colour that long anyway. Zoya will last 5 if I am testing a polish, but I can buy 4 essence polishes for the same price.
      We are usually about a year behind the German releases though, but we do get some North American exclusives not in Europe

  3. I love the nail art, but I actually think the colour alone looks gorgeous on your skintone, too!

    1. Definitely not as crazy bright as I thought it would be from the bottle/swatch I did when I got them. I imagine it will get more use when summer hits, not really a winter colour

  4. that gradient!!!

  5. I adore the nail art you’ve done with this!

  6. This is beautiful! I like the series you all are doing, very unique!

  7. Oh my, that nail art is absolutely gorgeous! I never would have thought to pair those colors together, but they work so well with each other!

  8. Greens like this usually look horrid on me, but it looks amazing on you! Plus that gradient is super lovely. 🙂

    1. I have a similar one that is just a slight bit brighter and it looks awful on me so this one may work for you too

  9. I love your nail art, but I’m digging that polish. That shade of yellow/green is perfect for Spring.

  10. Your gradient is STUNNING! Love that!

  11. So amazing!!! Simply love it

  12. Love the nail art, it looks like a tropical island sunset. Did you use a makeup wedge for the gradient?

    1. Sandie, yes I always use latex free wedges for gradients

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