Don’t Fry – Wear Sunscreen

Canadian facial sunscreen for every budget

Canadian facial sunscreen for every budget

If you didn’t know, today is Don’t Fry Day because as the weather warms up, we need a reminder to slather on that sunscreen.  As a pale girl (ghostly pale to pink), I will burn in minutes without at least SPF30 so I layer it on from sunscreen to SPF additives in makeup or skincare.

We are all pretty good about slathering on sunscreen to our arms and legs, but who wants that white cast from sunscreen on their face – the often neglected part of the sunscreen regime.  Here are some top choices for sunscreen that will work for those selfies and won’t leave you looking greasy this summer along with with some layering options for moisturizers and more.

Clinique Sunscreen Options Canada

Clinique’s Super City Block will always be a favourite.  With SPF 40 it will work for even the fairest ghosts skin like mine and doesn’t give a bad flash back in photos or make your skin look greasy.  While Super City Block works great for me, if you are going to be sweating or need something water resistant at the beach, check out their regular SPF 50 broad spectrum sunscreen.

Layer it on with a broad spectrum SPF30 BB cream (or for oily/acne prone skin, choose their acne solutions with SPF40) plus a base of skin tone correcting moisturizer with SPF20.

Tarte Sunscreen Canada

I have a friend who swears by Tarte’s Tarteguard with SPF30.  It is great if you are looking for a vegan friendly option that is free of parabens and phthalates that won’t flash too badly under makeup.  I have only used this once but the first thing I noticed was that it did not have that typical sunscreen scent too.

If you are looking for layering options, Tarte also has a BB tinted primer for 12 hour wear with SPF 30 or Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer with SPF20.

Smashbox Canada Sunscreen

Don’t like putting sunscreen near your eyes?  We have all felt the sting of sunscreen in the eyes!  Smashbox has a BB cream just for your eyes that blends SPF15 for some added protection with the coverage of a concealer to hide those dark circles. Plus a range of BB and CC options to help you layer on that SPF without too much makeup for a no-makeup summer look.

Avon Skinvincible SPF50 and Avon Canada sunscreens

I recently started using Avon’s Anew Skinvincible Day Lotion with SPF50.  For a lotion, it does have a sunscreen consistency and scent but absorbs really quickly so you can get on with your makeup.  Avon has several other skincare products with SPF25 so you can layer on that protection.  Skinvincible will be hitting the Avon catalogues and websites in a few weeks.


Budget Drugstore Sunscreens That Work Canada

Not all of us want to pay Sephora prices for sunscreen, so if you are looking for some drug store options Coppertone’s ClearlySheer available in SPF30 for the face and body is suitable for both sensitive and acne-prone skin, won’t clog your pores and has a lightweight formula at under $10.

Need a little more SPF? Neutrogena Clear Face won’t clog your pores and is available in both SPF30 and SPF60.  Because you know, us pale girls need that extra protection.  This oil free formula has light reflectors to help hide blemishes and is semi-sweat proof but I did notice some flashback in photos when wearing it – no sunburn though!  To be fair, you are unlikely to find a drug store formula without flashback at SPF60.  I prefer Clear Face over it as my oily t-zone appreciates it, but you can also try Neutrogena Ultra Sheer made especially for the face.

L’Oreal’s Silky Touch comes in SPF50 for us pale girls and has a utra lightweight formula and no major white cast from the sunscreen at higher SPF.  I found it just didn’t agree with my t-zone but if you have drier skin, you may love it and it is really affordable.  This one does feel greasy when first applied but absorbs quickly without leaving you look greasy.

Hawaiian Tropic sunscreens always smell amazing and this Silk Hydration facial sunscreen with SPF30 is the best of the face ones for me.  Lightweight and non greasy, the unique dual ribbon formula combines strong protection with ultra moisturization to help combat dry skin from sun exposure.

My personal favourite, although at the higher end of drug store price-points is LaRoche-Posay Anthelios in SPF60, but you can opt for a lower SPF if you don’t need the added protection.  This matte formula is my Holy Grail.  It doesn’t leave you greasy, absorbs quickly so you can apply makeup and is water resistant.  Plus, they sell it at Shoppers Drug Mart, so Optimum points make up for the higher price point.

Don’t forget your lips too!  You can find affordable lip balms such as Blistex Ultra Protection for just a few dollars with SPF30 built in to help keep those lips ultra kissable and ready for lipstick.

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10 Replies to “Don’t Fry – Wear Sunscreen”

  1. I really love the day creams that have the SPF in it – i tend to find them less greasy; so perfect for under my make up! OLAY is my go-to for that.

    1. Me too, I also layer it on because I burn so easily and I find regular suncreen sweats off easier than moisturizer.

  2. Great post that will indeed be coming in very handy! I am on the hunt for a very light coverage tinted moisturizer with SPF that I can easily throw on and I think I might be very tempted by the Tarte BB tinted primer! Thanks for all the good recommendations!

  3. I really love that Smashbox BB Eyes! It’s always hard to find a sunscreen for your eyes! Another great one is the Benefit Air Patrol for the eyes, it has SPF20!

  4. Anthelios is my holy grail sunscreen too! There’s ever extra bonus points if you buy more than one product from the line right now (I may have been to Shoppers to stock up today after work.. :))

    1. I just bought some before the promo started

  5. So many great sunscreen suggestions! I am terrible at remembering to put on sunscreen. I usually use my trusty ol’ Neutrogena but am looking into trying other products this year as well!

    1. One of the reasons I like using a moisturizer or makeup with SPF, I don’t typically forget to use them

  6. So many great options; I really love the one by Reversa; it’s got glycolic acid in it and is a Canadian brand!

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