Hard Candy Sky Stamped Manicure

Hard Candy Sky Stamped Mani Swatch

Hard Candy Sky Stamped Mani Swatch

Each month, the Canadian Beauty Bloggers choose a theme for new posts in case the group needs some prompts or a theme for new posts.  For May, we are posting about pastels.  I tend to go bright over pastel for my nails, but one of my long time faves that I was so glad to see back last year is Hard Candy Sky nail polish.

Hard Candy Sky Stamped Mani - Closeup

Keeping to the pastel theme, I went with a white stamp design to tone down the blue a little using Konad M96 stamping plate and MoYou White Knight stamping polish.  It gave a nice delicate spring look that is easy to do and looks pretty while still being work appropriate.

Hard Candy Sky Shimmer In Bottle

While not very obvious in my mani, Hard Candy Sky has a slight shimmer that makes this pastel more wearable.  While many look really chalky and are hard to apply, Hard Candy Sky goes on smooth, dries quickly and even without the white design is a really wearable pastel.

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12 Replies to “Hard Candy Sky Stamped Manicure”

  1. this has such a pretty, soft feeling.

  2. You have gorgeous photos! Love the shade of polish.

  3. This is a really pretty look! That stamp is perfect for this polish!

  4. This is such a lovely, soft design!

  5. Oh that shimmer! The nail design you did is so delicate and perfect with that base color!

  6. This is so pretty! And the white stamping compliments the pastel light blue beautifully!

  7. Sky is one of those classic polishes I always find myself reaching for. I love what you did with it here.

  8. OMG! I adore your stamping with this! Sky is my favorite Hard Candy ever!

  9. Love this!!!! You stamp so well!

  10. Oh it is so pretty! I love it!

  11. Love the stamping, this is such a gorgeous shade of blue

  12. Gorgeous !!

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