Zoya Beatrix Pixie Dust – Mariposa Glitter Dupe

zoya beatrix pixie dust vs mariposa orange glitter dupe bottles

As I mentioned when I reviewed the rest of the Mariposa glitter polishes recently, the orange would be featured separately and here it is.  On swatching it, I realized that while not a dupe, it is very close to Zoya Beatrix, one of their Pixie Dust polishes.

zoya beatrix pixie dust vs mariposa orange glitter dupe

Both have a similar tangerine tone, Mariposa is slightly darker but has brighter yellow glitter.  Zoya has finer glitter and is not as rough feeling to the touch but despite the finer glitter sparkles more.  As with most Pixie Dust polishes, Beatrix has a matte base while the Mariposa version has more of a sheen.

zoya beatrix pixie dust vs mariposa orange glitter dupe macros

Zoya Beatrix has fine gold glitter and a sand texture.  While Mariposa is more textured, it is less like sand but more like bumps under the polish.  The glitter is brighter yellow and silver with larger chunks. Shown above in natural light indoors with no top coat, Beatrix took two coats while Mariposa took three.  The dry time is slightly slower for Mariposa.  If you want to wear top coat with these polishes, the Mariposa keeps more of the look since it already has some shine.

At around $10-11 for Zoya Beatrix compared to $0.50 for the Mariposa shade, there is a considerable price difference.  Mariposa is a mini, at half the size of Zoya, it is still only $1 for the same amount of polish.  Personally, I do like Beatrix better, the shade is more wearable and I prefer the texture as it is not as rough as Mariposa.  Zoya is also 5-free while Mariposa is not.

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