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Pearl & Daisy Take 12 All Products

Pearl & Daisy Take 12 All Products

Maybe it is the Irish in me, but I love baths.  I grew up in a house with no shower, just a shower attachment that we used for rinsing off or washing out hair and when I got my first apartment, I really wanted a proper shower.  Little did I know how much I would miss a relaxing soak at the end of a hard day.  A few months after moving out, I went home for Christmas and turned down a night out with friends for a soak in my mum’s tub with a glass of wine, a bathbomb and a good book.

The Pearl & Daisy Natural Soap Company have some great bath products and share not only the relaxing benefits of a good soak with premium bath products, but the benefits too.  They sent me a couple of their favourites to try out in my next bath, and just in time as they arrived the day before it snowed so it was great to use their mineral bath soak after shovelling!

Pearl & Daisy Sea Salt & Minerals Bath Soak – Gift from the Sea – Rosemary & Mint

Pearl & Daisy Mineral Bath Salts Gifts From The Sea

Pearl & Daisy Mineral Bath Salts

One of the things I hate about mineral or salt soaks is when they do not dissolve and you sit on sharp salty bits, hardly relaxing.  Pearl & Daisy’s Gift from the Sea bath soak in Rosemary & Mint dissolved quickly filling the bathroom with a salty herby scent, great for him as many of my bath products are fruity and not very manly.  If you prefer something a little more girly, you can check out Summer Meadows or Orange Bitters.

According to Pearl & Daisy, it only takes 12 minutes to get the full benefits of a bath.  Personally, I can sit in the tub for ages with a face mask on and a good book, but I decided to see how I would feel after just 12 minutes doing nothing.

A morning soak can be just as refreshing as a shower and need not take more than 10 or 15 minutes. Warm water (not hot), and invigorating essential oils like lemon verbena or mint set an upbeat mood for the day.  The evening bath should be warmer, but still comfortable. A mineral bath made with sandalwood, vanilla, or rose essential oils will help you unwind and relax. It’s good for the soul, and a nice transition from sitting at a screen to getting into a cozy bed. Here are some tips for making the most of your bath:

  • Keep it simple. Forget about candles and bubbles. You’re more likely to take the time for a soak if you don’t have do a lot of work to prepare or clean up.
  • Find your center.  While you’re in the tub, breathe deeply, close your eyes, think good thoughts.
  • Lock the door. Knowing that nobody’s going to barge in will help you relax. Odds are, you completely deserve to be left alone for a little while, anyway.
  • Drink water. You might not realize it, but you can sweat a lot while soaking in hot water! So make sure you re-hydrate with a full glass of water when you’re through.

Surprisingly, 12 minutes of just soaking is not boring at all.  Since I was home alone, I didn’t lock the door and Quincy, my bath buddy cat came in to sit on the side of the tub with me.

Pearl & Daisy Bath Fizzer in Orange Vanilla

Pearl & Daisy Orange Vanilla Bath Fizzer

Pearl & Daisy Orange Vanilla Bath Fizzer In Water

You have to love bath bombs and Pearl & Daisy makes great ones.  As much as I love some of the ones I have tried, I hate cleaning up the rose petals and other assorted bits in the cute looking ones.  This orange fizzer from Pearl & Daisy smelled like actual oranges, with no floaty bits but softening and relaxing with organic coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, organic aroma and essential oils.  This one was definitely more girly than the salts, but bath bombs are in general.  I stuck on a warming chocolate orange face mask some music and relaxed for 20 minutes surrounded by the scent of chocolate and orange – bliss!

Here’s why you should promise yourself to #Take12 this week (and every week):
  • Outer beauty: Immersing your skin in warm water opens pores and softens your skin better than a shower ever could.  After about 10 minutes in the water, the dry layers of skin become soft and you can use a sugar scrub to slough off that rough skin. Finish by massaging natural bath oil all over damp skin and then pat dry with a towel. Your skin needs minerals to stay healthy, and soaking in a mineral bath is the best way for your skin to absorb them. Dead Sea salt is rich in magnesium, which your skin needs to stay hydrated and smooth.
  • Inner health: b Latest research shows that a hot bath improves blood circulation and cardiovascular health. Diabetics could reduce blood sugar levels by around 13 per cent, as the heat dilates blood vessels, improving blood flow so the body makes better use of its insulin, the hormone that converts blood sugar into energy. Adding some stimulating essential oils and minerals to your bath will enhance the effects.
  • Strong mind: If you’re prone to depression, you might want to try a cool water bath. Cooler water helps to activate the nervous system and increase endorphins, the brain’s natural anti-depressant chemicals. Stressed out? Warm baths have been found to reduce the stress chemicals cortisol and chromogranin. You can boost your emotional well-being by using essential oils in your bath for aromatherapy benefits. Uplifting oils include rose geranium and orange, while lavender and chamomile are favourites for relaxation and sleep aid.
  • Relaxed muscles: It only takes 10 to 15 minutes of immersion in warm water to reduce tension on overstretched muscles. If you’ve recently started a new exercise program, your muscles will thank you for the improved flexibility a bath offers as it relieves post-workout soreness. Try a rosemary and mint bath soak for added muscle benefits.

Pearl & Daisy Seabreeze Soap

Pearl & Daisy Seabreeze Natural Soap Take 12

Since Pearl & Daisy are a natural soap company, they have to have soaps right?  They sent me their Seabreeze soap made with grapefruit and cranberry.  It has a great scent, was not drying and the exfoliating pieces in it really make your hands feel clean.

If you can’t decide what to buy from the Pearl & Daisy Natural Soap Company, you can opt for a little box of happy.  They will send you a variety of full-sized products worth at least $50 and a bonus guest-size bar of soap and shipping is included.  The longer you subscribe for, the cheaper the box gets but you can opt for a one time delivery too.  You may even get to try products not available on their website.

Pearl & Daisy can be reached on facebook | twitter | instagram or shop online here.

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