Half Moon Nail Art For #31DC2016

31DC2016 Half Moons Cirque Dear Dahlia

31DC2016 Half Moon Nail Art Cirque Dear Dahlia

Day 18 of #31DC2016 is half moon nail art.  I rarely wear half moon nails, just not a fan of the look personally but it seemed like it should be simple.  Everyone uses those hole punch protector stickers so I set out to Dollarama and then Staples in search of them but everywhere is either sold out or do not sell them since seemingly people do not use them??  A helpful worker in Dollarama pointed out some Halloween stickers that are circular and roughly the same size so I grabbed those instead.

31DC2016 Half Moon Nail Art Cirque Dear Dahlia - Polishes Tools

Polishes/tools used

  • Cirque Dear Dahlia
  • Born Pretty black stamping polish and clear jelly stamper
  • Pueen Fancy Lover 02 plate
  • Halloween circle stickers

Full opacity for Cirque Dear Dahlia takes three coats so I left that to dry for about an hour before adding stickers, sticking them to my hand first to get rid of some of the sticky-ness so they did not lift my polish.  Putting one at the base of each nail, I stamped on the bottom right image from Pueen’s Fancy Lover 02 plate and removed the stickers to reveal the half moon designs.  It may have been the wrong image to choose since the random lines do not form a line for the half moon but I wasn’t planning on keeping it on so just left it as is.

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  1. Cheryl MacPhail says: Reply

    This looks great! I love how you just did half the nail to mi it up a bit!! i must get that template!! 🙂

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