OPI Navy Shatter Over Beige #AlphabetNails

OPI Navy Shatter Swatch

OPI Navy Shatter Swatch

Ok shatter polishes are so 2011 and choosing a polish named Navy Shatter is a bit of a cop out for this week’s alphabet nails post but I am just not in love with any of my polishes with names beginning with N.  Actually, after not using any of these shatter polishes forever I think I like them more than I used to, so you may see them popping up again soon.

OPI Navy Shatter was part of a collection from OPI after the success of Black Shatter.  They are all named for their colour and while Navy Shatter looks fairly dark in the bottle unless in bright light, it shows blue on the nail.  Different base colours seem to work very differently.  I originally tried it over Zoya Hazel, a light blue-silver shimmer polish but it didn’t crack well over it.  I knew it was not a formula issue as I swatched all my N polishes as I was trying them to decide what to post.  I then tried it over a bright blue creme and it also didn’t crack well on some nails.  So it is a bit finicky to work with, but may be because the bottle is a bit old too.

OPI Navy Shatter Swatch 2

OPI Navy Shatter over Avon True Color Restoring Beige 

I have an upcoming post on the base colour, so I won’t go into detail other than it is a beige based nude creme.  I used one thick-ish coat of OPI Navy Shatter and Seche Vite top coat to protect the cracks from chipping.  I quite like that this cracked in fairly straight lines up the nail with smaller cracks throughout.

OPI Navy Shatter Review and Swatches

OPI Shatter does flood the cuticle a little and stains so try not to get it near your skin.  With one coat Seche Vite there was still some texture to the cracks so the next day I added some Vinylux Weekly Topcoat which smoothed it over completely.

When was the last time you wore a shatter polish?

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