THEFACESHOP Trendy Nails GLI016 Swatch & Review

thefaceshop Trendy Nails Glitter GLI016 swatch

thefaceshop the face shop Trendy Nails Glitter GLI016 swatch

The final of the four gold toned polishes I picked up at THEFACESHOP, Trendy Nails in GLI016 has gold, blue and green glitter with larger gold hex and square flakes in a clear base.

Ipsy November Albertini Warm Love the face shop GLI016

While less obvious in this image, I got lots of compliments when I wore GLI016 over Zoya Logan which picked up more of the green base.  Other images are shown with a base of Dose Pill Stormy.

thefaceshop the face shop Trendy Nails Glitter GLI016 swatches

As you can see, the blue-green glitter picks up the most light and sparkles while the gold just gives it some depth and has an almost matte finish to the smaller round glitter as well as the large square flakes.  There is some medium sized hex glitter in there too – another sweep all of the leftover gold into a bottle polish from The Face Shop.

While the smaller glitter does distribute evenly on the nail without being overly concentrated, the larger pieces were trickier.  Some nails ended up with lots of the larger gold flakes while others had none.  I ended up adding some from the brush with a dotting tool.  As you can see from the ring finger, going for a second coat can mean too much glitter – if there is such a thing?

thefaceshop the face shop Trendy Nails Glitter GLI016 bottle pic brush

The glitter is fairly concentrated on the brush and as a top coat, only one coat is needed – with some placement of chunkier glitter if needed.

thefaceshop the face shop Trendy Nails Glitter GLI016 bottle pic

In bright sunlight, the multi toned (not quite holo, but almost) glitter shows beautifully, but as you can see below on white, you need to choose a base coat carefully as it plays on the colour of the base.

thefaceshop the face shop Trendy Nails Glitter GLI016 swatch stick and bottle

I left a small strip of white on the left to show you that the clear base has a slight colour too it which may impact the base colour you choose.  Over white, The Face Shop Trendy Nails GLI016 is not as beautiful, it needs a darker colour to play on to show the beautiful sparkle of the glitter.  As you can see in the botle, there was enough light to show the glitter, it just disappeared on the swatch stick.

Overall, THEFACESHOP’s Trendy Nails in GLI016 is best over blue and green tones, although Dose Stormy can lean purple and that worked too.  I tried it over a denim look polish that has a slight silver sparkle and it didn’t really work with too much sparkle, so go for a regular creme polish.  Dry time is good, even when placing flakes but you do need a thick coat of top coat which will impact overall dry time.

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