Ghost Nail Art

Ghost Nail Art #CBBOctNails

Ghost Nails Halloween Nail Art CBBOctNails

On to day two of the #CBBOctNails challenge – Ghosts.  Ghost nail art seems like it should be easy but I really was not happy with any of the ones I tried.

Ghost Nails Halloween Nail Art CBBOctNails

To create this look, I used Essence Wild White Ways as a base.  Then with Zoya Storm, dotted on eyes and a mouth and then brushed on the bottom to create the ends of the ghost.  After that, I dotted on white then black again for the eyes.  I was not 100% happy with it so I topped it with China Glaze Luxe & Lush.  It looks better in person that it photographs but it still kinda “meh”. 

Dollarama Ghost Stamp Nail Art #CBBOctNails

So I went in search of a ghost stamp plate, which are actually quite hard to find.  Then in Dollarama, I found these inky stamps that I thought might work.  They were self inking and a bright orange, so not ideal as I did not think any polish would work over it without getting rid of all of the ink first (I may try this again before Halloween).

Dollarama Ghost Stamp Nail Art #CBBOctNails

I reverse stamped the design on top of top coat on a sandwich bag rather than risk getting ink on my stamper.  Once dry, I peeled the top coat away from the baggy using tweezers.  I painted my nail white, added a little top coat and laid the reverse stamped top coat on and used my stamper to roll out any bubbles.

Ghost Nails Reverse Stamping Nail Art #CBBOctNails

The ink does not get that perfect look of polish as it spreads and does not stamp easily plus it bleeds onto the cuticle.  The look is pretty good though.  I paired it with Maybelline ColorShow in Twilight Rays as I thought orange may be a bit much on all nails.

This is part of the #CBBOctNails challenge.  Follow the hashtag on social media for more nail art ideas and today’s ghost nail art looks.

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3 Replies to “Ghost Nail Art”

  1. I like the way your stamped ghost turned out. It’s a neat idea to use an ink stamper.

  2. I love your first ghosts! And that stamping is a great idea, it turned out really well! Just goes to show that lots of things can be used for nail art. 🙂

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      It does, I am drying it out hoping to use it for polish stamping closer to Halloween

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