Zoya Mystery Mini Swatches: Violet, Temperance & Marion

Zoya Mystery Mini Set Violet Marion Temperance Swatches

Zoya Mystery Mini Set Violet Marion Temperance Swatches

Every so often, Zoya releases special sets for a limited time.  Usually, these offers have only been open to US residents, but they recently started shipping to Canada too.  While you still get free shipping with some of these special offers, you do have to pay an international surcharge, so not quite as cheap but still some amazing deals.  So when they mentioned the newest Zoya Mystery Mini set, I just had to have it.  It includes three never seen before shades of nail polish plus a special gift.   I had a friend buy it in the US to save on the cost of shipping so mine was a little later in arriving and I held off looking for swatches so it would still be a surprise.

What’s Included In The Summer 2015 Mystery Mini Set?

  • Zoya Violet
  • Zoya Temperance
  • Zoya Marion
  • Remove+ trial size
  • Zoya Hot Lips Sweet Tart

Zoya Mystery Mini – Zoya Violet

Zoya Mystery Mini Set Violet Swatches

Zoya Violet may be my favourite purple creme nail polish EVER.  It is a little dusty and reminds me of Zoya Lotus without the  shimmer.  The formula is amazing (Zoya rarely fails on formula for me).  It was almost opaque in one coat with little patchy-ness.  I am generally not a fan of plain old cremes, I like a little shimmer in my life so I am thrilled to love this one, especially a purple!

Zoya Mystery Mini – Zoya Temperance

Zoya Mystery Mini Set Temperance Swatches

Oh Zoya Temperance.  If Violet was not pretty enough, next out of the box was Zoya Temperance.  A cool medium grey (that for once does not lean too green on me) with a beautiful pink shimmer.  This is similar to one of my fave Essence polishes, Grey-t to Meet You but a but darker and likely to suit all skintones. I can see this becoming my go-to grey polish and really hope Zoya bring it out as a full size at some point.

Zoya Mystery Mini – Zoya Marion

Zoya Mystery Mini Set Marion Swatches

Finally, Zoya Marion.  I wish I could take a photo that shows this polish as I see it but it is not happening.  Not one of my photos did Marion justice.  It leans from a golden nude to pink and purple.    It has loads of shimmer but a great formula with no glitter lumps.  The first coat is a little patchy but it evens out with the second coat and the opacity surprised me.  The first coat seemed so opaque but the second was enough for the opacity shown above.

I am really impressed with this Zoya mystery mini set.  All three are shades I would have bought if they were released in collections/as stand alone colours and the added bonus of a small bottle of Zoya Remove+ for my weekend bag plus Hot Lips is great!

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5 Replies to “Zoya Mystery Mini Swatches: Violet, Temperance & Marion”

  1. The Zoya Violet is beautiful! How often do they have these special sets? I have not heard about this and the few Zoya polishes I own are great ones, I would love to get some more.

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      They seem pretty random, but they have other offers like buy 3 get 3 mystery shades free more often.

  2. Just found your site looking for a swatch of Violet! Love the layout, great photos and I agree on all counts. Lovely shades! And Zoya is a never-fail for me, formula-wise. Thanks for the swatches!

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      Thank you!
      Violet is one of my faves, a perfect purple

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