Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Hair Colour Review


I was recently sent a package of Clairol Nice ‘n Easy natural looking hair colour to try by BzzAgent.  It could not have come at a better time as I had a skunk like streak of grey hair at the roots and my red hair colour had gone a little brassy making the greys even more noticeable.

Nice ‘n Easy Hair Colour – What’s in the Box?

I chose 117/5G Nice ‘n Easy Natural Medium Golden Brown which I thought would cover the red, but not be too dark.  This is an old school hair colour, not the Nice ‘n Easy foam, mix the two bottles (colour and developer) to make a permanent liquid haircolour in the with Precision Applicator bottle and CC Cream to help seal in beautiful colour and intense shine.

For those who care about the gloves included, these were the flat plastic ones, not like the doctor style latex gloves that many of us prefer.  I keep a box of gloves handy anyway so used my own.  Last time I used the ones that came in a box of hair colour, I ended up with a purple stain for a week on the pad of my thumb!

Nice ‘n Easy Hair Colour – My Experience

Recently, I have been using foam dyes when I colour at home and it took a little getting used to using a liquid hair colour again.  I have thick hair and it was difficult to get it through all of my hair and I only just had enough in the bottle.  Since I had quite a bit of grey, I followed the instructions to leave the colour on longer than the recommended 25 minutes.  Maybe that was my mistake, as even using the CC cream, my hair felt wiry and unmanageable after rinsing the colour out.

The colour, however, is beautiful.  The red tones from my previous colour are really highlighted by the Shift A Shade Nice ‘n Easy hair dye as you can tell in the top picture.  It was a bit darker than I expected, but it does have lighter highlights, especially when in bright light and many people commented that the colour suited me. The grey roots are all covered, and even after several washes are not brassy/lighter which is a definite plus.

While I love the colour, overall, my hair still feels a bit “off” so while I would get this shade in Nice ;n Easy foam, which I have used before with no issues, I would likely not buy this colour.  However, a friend received the same one and loved it, her hair is soft and sleek after using it, so it depends on your hair type.  The CC cream did help me get some cute wavy hair.

Buy Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Hair Colour

Nice ‘n Easy is available pretty much anywhere, grocery stores, drug stores, Walmart, and many online retailers.  Nice ‘n Easy Natural hair colours retail for approximately $8.99 but are usually on sale.  Click here to get a $2 coupon to save when you Shift a Shade with Nice n Easy.

Disclosure: I received this product from BzzAgent free of charge to test.  All opinions are my own

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  1. Allison Whitmore says: Reply

    I haven’t dyed my hair in several years and am starting to get the itch again. Your colour looks great! Too bad it damaged your hair though.

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