Dollarama Buy: Neat & Easy Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strips Review

Dollarama Neat & Easy Pore Strips Review

Dollarama Neat & Easy Pore Strips Review

I was running low on Biore strips recently and headed out to buy some while shopping, only to find that they were really expensive that weekend.  I recalled seeing Neat & Easy Deep Cleansing Nose Strips at Dollarama for $2.50 and thought they would be worth trying.

I get gross blocked pores on my nose.  Noticeable blackheads, so I go through a lot of pore strips trying to keep it blackhead free.  The Neat & Easy Deep Cleansing Nose Strips package claims to “remove blackheads, oil and dirt” and also “diminish the appearance of large pores.”  Worth trying right?

Dollarama Neat & Easy Pore Strips Review

The ten strips are individually packaged.  To use, just wet your nose (they should only be used on your nose), remove the strip from the plastic backing and place on nose.  The Neat & Easy strips are a bit smaller than Biore Strips but still cover your nose easily.  Leave the strip on for 10-15 minutes while it dries and feels stiff.  Then, like waxing, rip that sucker off and look at the mess on the strip.

While I realize that some people do not find these as effective as Biore strips, I am in love with them.  It hadn’t been that long since my last application of a Biore strip, yet the Neat & Easy strip pulled out quite a bit more than I would usually see.  I put this down to the warmer weather and needing more sunscreen, blocking my pores.  A second application a few days later found also removed quite a few and already my pores are much less noticeable.

Dollarama Neat & Easy Pore Strips Review

For maximum impact, use after a shower when your pores are open to let these strips work their magic even better.  The only bad thing I can think of is that they bunch a little at the edge of the nose and could do with some slits to fit better.  You could easily add them yourself if you are quick about it as they start working once the package is opened.  They are stickier than Biore too, so be prepared for removal too.

Buy Neat & Easy Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strips

You can pick up a pack of ten Neat & Easy strips for $2.50 at your local Dollarama compared to over $1 per Biore strip.

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9 Replies to “Dollarama Buy: Neat & Easy Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strips Review”

  1. Worth a try! The Biore ones are expensive, I only tend to buy them if I have a coupon.

  2. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

    Same Jay. I got lucky and found lots on sale when they brought out new packaging ages ago and was spoiled by the low price. Now I hate paying for them

  3. kristen visser says: Reply

    what an awesome deal!! I love Biore strips and seriously have never thought to check out Dollarama for them because yes they are definitely on the pricy side! thanks for letting us know !

  4. Elizabeth Matthiesen says: Reply

    My son uses the ones from Dollarama and they work great on him. He’d never use any if they were expensive so Biore ones are out for him.

  5. I never noticed these before! I am going to have to pick some up!

  6. Oh wow! That is a HUGE bargain – I really need to scour my Dollarama a little closer for great finds like this! thanks for sharing

  7. I stopped using the Biore strips because the price kept going up & it just wasn’t worth it to me anymore. But my pores are suffering & I could use some of these! So nice to see Dollarama is carrying a similar product that actually works well, is even stickier than Biore, & way cheaper.

  8. […] cheeks get really dry and do not suffer from blemishes.  To help the pore refiner along, I used a Neat & Easy pore strip first to clear out any blackheads in my nose – the worst of my problem areas.  After two […]

  9. I just bought a box at my local Dollerama store for $4. work just as good, of not better than the biore, and at a quaternary of the price. I use them on my nose and all over my chin area. Have to go back tomorrow to buy a handful of boxes.

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