EOS Shave Cream Review

EOS Shave Cream Review - Tea & Nail Polish

As much as I am glad to see the back of winter, it also means shaving daily to wear those pretty spring outfits.  I will totally admit to allowing myself some “extra warmth” by not shaving as regularly in winter, works for animals right?

While shopping, I noticed EOS (evolution of smooth) Shave Cream on the clearance rack.  Only in Pomegranate Raspberry.  I checked the others too, the Vanilla smells divine, but was not on sale.  So with the warmer weather approaching, I reach for a new razor blade and my pretty pink bottle of EOS. It is highly unlikely that you will find my purse without EOS lipspheres and those cute little eggs of lotion (or three) so chances were that I would love the shave cream.  To be honest, I am not really sure why I haven’t tried it before other than the stockpile of shave foam sitting in my closet.

About EOS Shave Cream

It’s made with natural aloe, oat, shea butter and antioxidant vitamins E and C to leave your skin looking radiantly healthy. This non-foaming cream boosts skin’s moisture level and keeps it smooth long after you’re done shaving. It’s so moisturizing, you can shave wet or dry.

  • Leaves skin soft and smooth
  • Boosts skin’s moisture level
  • Paraben & phthalate free

First of all, it really is a cream!  Yes, I am completely aware it says this right on that cute pink squeezy bottle (which by the way, no metal = no nasty rust ring left of the side of your tub).  But it doesn’t foam at all.  Now, if like me you have jumped into the shower or tub to find your shave gel empty and couldn’t be bothered to get out so used conditioner / lotion / whatever else, you probably won’t mind this, but for the foam lovers, takes some getting used to!

EOS Shave Cream Review - Tea & Nail Polish

So you pump out 3-4 squirts of the EOS shave cream and take a deep breath from the sweet aroma filling the bathroom (remember those dolls that smelled like strawberry we had as kids, think sweet like that!) and I sit there thinking no way this covers all of my hairy legs.  It does though, it smooths over well and stays put while you shave – no more chasing the shave gel as it runs down your legs screaming noooooo too much hair!  Yet it rinses well too but I think the steam helped with that too.

As far as the shave, maybe the thin layer of cream compared to the mountain of foam (I am like a little kid with foam) helps the razor get a closer shave because my shave lasted a bit longer, my legs felt smoother and they were softer too.  Still need to moisturize but not dried out like many shaving foams leave them feeling.  No razor burn/bumps either so you are safe to wear a skirt right after shaving, which if you are like me and forget you are supposed to be getting ready and think crap, look at the time and jump in the shower, is always a good thing!

I will definitely be buying EOS shave cream again, but likely not this scent.  The Vanilla Bliss is definitely more my thing and not as sweet, but if you prefer, there is also Lavender Jasmine and a fragrance free version so you can make your nose happy as well as your legs!

Buy EOS Shave Cream

EOS is available at many drug stores (Shoppers Drug Mart certainly carry it) as well as well.ca for about $4-5 per bottle.

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  1. This sounds like a wonderful prodcut than ks!

  2. Angela Stevens says: Reply

    You make is sound so nice I almost want to shave, not!

  3. I would love to try this shave cream.

  4. I didn’t know eso made shaving cream. I will have to try it.

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