Alternative Uses For Dryer Sheets (Thrifty Thursday)


One my favourite uses for dryer sheets is to put one in the central air vents for that fresh laundry smell all the time, but there are lots of uses for both fresh and used dryer sheets that can save you time and money.

Cleaning With Dryer Sheets

  • Dusting: A used dryer sheet will pick up dust from almost anything.  If you are doing your baseboards, use an unused dryer sheet, the anti-static on the sheet will help repel dust so you don’t have to clean them as often.  A used sheet will remove dust from the television with no scratches too.
  • The Shower: Use your regular cleanser but instead of a sponge, dampen a used dryer sheet to wipe down tiles and glass.  It allows you to gently scrub removing soap buildup.
  • Cleaning Pans:  A used dryer sheet can be used to wipe down pans without scratches but if there is burnt on grease, place the pan in the sink, add a fresh dryer sheet and fill the pan with hot water.  Leave overnight and scrub the next day – it helps lift the dirt away better than dish detergent!  Wash the pans afterwards as they do have chemicals in them.
  • Painting? Add a fresh dryer sheet and warm water and soak paintbrushes, it will even help lift latex paint.
  • Sweeping: Have a Swiffer? Use a dryer sheet to sweep, it will pick up pet hair more easily and help leave an anti-static layer.
  • Your Computer: Use a dryer sheet to pick up dust on your screen, keyboard and vents on your computer – only use on your monitor if it is glass!
  • Cleaning Blinds: Window blinds often go longer without being cleaned than they should.  Wipe each piece with a dryer sheet to clean and leave an anti-static layer to help repel dirt and dust until the next time you clean them.
  • Remove Crayon Marks: If you have kids, you likely know this but you can rub crayon marks with an old dryer sheet to help lift it without staining.

Freshen With Dryer Sheets

  • Central Air Vents: Pop a fresh dryer sheet in the vents to freshen the air as it circulates.  If you are using a fan, press one to the back while in use, the wind suction will keep it there (or you can use a piece of tape if you want to use it for multiple uses of the fan).
  • Clothes Drawers: Tuck a fresh dryer sheet in your drawers and wardrobe to keep your clothes smelling fresh (tip: do not allow them to touch the clothes, place them under a paper liner or pop inside an old sock to ensure they do not leave marks on clothes).
  • Laundry Hamper/Gym Bag: If you have smelly laundry, pop one in the laundry hamper – it will stop the smell spreading into the room.
  • Travelling: Use fresh dryer sheets between layers in your suitcase to keep your clothes smelling fresh and reduce mustiness when coming home with all of your dirty laundry.  Keep one in your luggage when you store it to keep the fresh smell until the next use.
  • Smelly Shoes: We keep a box of cheap dryer sheets by the door, he is not allowed to move until there is one in his work boots.
  • Used Books: Bought used books and can’t get rid of that old used book smell? Place a dryer sheet between the pages to freshen the book.
  • Freshen The Bathroom:  Take a dryer sheet and place it inside the toilet paper roll tube then hang on the dispenser. Every time that you pull, the roll will spin sending out some of the dryer sheet fresh scent into the bathroom.

Personal Uses For Dryer Sheets

  • Reduce Static: Before putting on stockings/hose run a fresh dryer sheet over them to reduce static cling on clothing over them.
  • Flyaway Hair: Perfectly styled hair out of control with static? Run a fresh sheet over your hair (gently, don’t rub it) to reduce the static in your hair.
  • Deodorant Marks? Use a fresh dryer sheet to wipe at the white residue.  It helps pick it up from the fabric without washing.

Reduce Bugs With Dryer Sheets

  • Clean Your Windscreen: Gunked up windshield from driving through bugs in the summer? Wet your windows and grab some used dryer sheets, they will allow you to scrub them away without scratches.
  • Picnics: Put a fresh dryer sheet under your picnic basket – bees hate them.

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  1. awesome tips thanks!!
    ps – pantyhose also work on deodorant marks!

  2. Elizabeth D. says: Reply

    Thanks for the great tips. I have had such bad flyaway hair this winter that I’m going to try rubbing a fabric softener sheet on my hair to see if it works. Worst case scenario my hair will smell snuggly soft. 😀

  3. Wow – lots of uses

  4. Victoria Ess says: Reply

    Thanks for the ideas!

  5. These are some great ideas! Thanks for the post.

  6. Thank you for the tips; there are a few I did not know about including removing deodorant marks.

  7. Chandra Christine O'Connor says: Reply

    Im going to try this on my tv unit today

  8. Great tips! Who knew 🙂 I will def use these

  9. Wendy Arnott says: Reply

    Great ideas, will remember these when spring cleaning.. bet it will help get and keep the grime off the ceiling fan blades too!

  10. I am going to try this for cleaning the shower. It always takes so much scrubbing. Thanks.

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