DAVIDsTEA Resolutions Tea – The Glow – Get Your Beauty Rest

DavidsTea The Glow Review - PC Rise and Shine Mug - DavidsTea Resolutions Beauty Rest Products: Laneige Sleep Mask, Smashbox Undereye Primer, Essence Kohl White Liner, Covergirl Clean Matte, Hard Candy Glamoflauge

To help with 2017 resolutions, DAVIDsTEA released a set of 14 tea samples in tins with a resolution on each tin.  You can pick and choose a tea each day and unwrap the tea to find the resolution.  I decided to start with a tea I haven’t tried before, Organic The Glow. DAVIDsTEA The Glow is a blend of traditional complexion-savers, including cinnamon and rosehips meant to help with complexion.  It is light and floral without too much cinnamon, but enough[Read more]

DAVIDsTEA 2016 Advent Calendar Days 7-12

DavidsTea 2016 Advent Calendar Days 7-12

Another week of teas (well, 6 days) and some great teas included in the DAVIDsTEA Advent calendar this week along with some that I know I don’t particularly love. DAVIDsTEA 2016 Advent Calendar Day 7 – Nutty & Spice I am not a huge fan of nut teas, even the beautiful pink of Forever Nuts isn’t my thing so no surprise that this was not a favourite.  Nutty and Spice is a warming mix of oolong, fruit, nuts and spices.  The[Read more]

DavidsTea Candy Cane Crush vs Teavana White Chocolate Peppermint

davidstea candy cane crush vs teavana white chocolate peppermint teas

Teavana’s White Chocolate Peppermint tea has been a Christmas fave of mine for a few years, but now that DAVIDsTEA Candy Cane Crush is available, how do they stack up?  Here is my comparison of the two teas (and why I will be buying more of both). While both are white chocolate peppermint teas, the major difference is of course, the tea base.  Candy Cane Crush has a black tea base and so is caffeinated while Teavana’s White Chocolate Peppermint[Read more]

DAVIDsTEA 2016 Advent Calendar Days 1-6

DavidsTea 2016 Advent Calendar Days 1-6

Oh Advent Calendar time!  After getting several last year, I only picked up the DAVIDsTEA one this year.  It was hard to keep up with blogging them last year.  Plus, I felt I had a lot of the beauty samples included in the calendars anyway. DAVIDsTEA 2016 Advent Calendar Day 1 – Snow Day I recently picked up a tin of Snow Day so it is already a favourite and a great way to start the Advent Calendar.  This one[Read more]

Monarch Tea Co Holiday Blend

Monarch Tea Co Holiday Blend 2016 Review - Loose Tea with infuser and Perfect Spoon

This is not my first time trying Monarch Tea Co and I am quite surprised I have never mentioned them before.  Their holiday blend on local and indie week seems to be the perfect time to do so!  Monarch Tea Co is local to me, based out of Hamilton, Ontario so sold in local stores and easy for me to pick up whenever I want to try new blends mmmm Toffee Bean!  Katie also does the local market circuit so[Read more]