Review: teapigs English Breakfast Tea

Teapigs English Breakfast Tea Review - Adding Milk

Teapigs English Breakfast Tea Review

One for lazy mornings when even using a steeper is too much work.  I have to admit, as much as I love loose tea, bagged teas are my morning go-to.  Teapigs brings the best of both worlds.  You get an easy to use bagged tea but with good quality loose leaf tea.

English Breakfast tea from teapigs is their special breakfast tea.  A blend of a gutsy Assam, mellow Ceylon and Rwandan newcomer.  They blend for a smooth but malty tea sure to help non coffee drinkers to wake up.  Great for my 5am mornings!

teapigs English Breakfast tea

Teapigs English Breakfast Tea Review - Black

I got a box of teapigs English Breakfast along with two others at the ChickAdvisor Showcase recently.  It is one I have tried before, just never bought so didn’t have photos to review.  The brand started in the UK and expanded to Canada more recently so while not hard to find here, it is not popular (yet).  Teas cost around $9 for 15 bags which is on par for good quality loose leaf bagged teas.  The DAVIDsTEA sachet packs sell at a similar price.

Teapigs English Breakfast Tea Reviews - bags

Their teas come in a decent sized biodegradable mesh bag.  It gives the tea space for the whole leaves need to infuse properly while still being convenient.  The packaging is all eco-friendly too!  Even the ink they use for it is vegetable based.  The roomy tea-temple bag helps the tea steep easily without any mess.  You get that dark black tea look in less than a minute.  Perfect steeping time is around 3 minutes on teapigs English Breakfast.

teapigs English Breakfast Tea Review

Teapigs English Breakfast Tea Review - Adding Milk

The teapigs English Breakfast blend gives just the right amount of malty goodness while still allowing for a smooth cuppa.  The one they made us at the ChickAdvisor showcase was very strong and may have put people off the flavour, but try one from your sample pack, it is delicious.  Especially with a drop of milk (and sugar if you use it).  It does have a little zest to it, likely from the Ceylon which helps round out the flavours.  No astringent aftertaste either which makes it easy to serve to guests.

Teapigs English Breakfast Tea Reviews

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