Sally Hansen Frill Seeker (184) Swatches and Review

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 184 Frill Seeker - Swatches stamped with Mundo de Unas Bone and BP115 stampping plate sunlight

I will admit, the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel collection was not high on my list to try.  At around $10 each, I can buy zoyas or even indies so while they have been around for ages, I have only tried a couple of the shades.  That is, until I won a set of five plus the matching top coat from Intense Polish Therapy’s anniversary giveaway.  Today I am sharing a nice nude, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Frill Seeker with more[Read more]

Essie Sil Vous Plait Swatches & Review

Essie Sil Vous Plait - Summer 2017 - Swatch

Essie Sil Vous Plait is a wonderful foil and the final of the summer 2017 collection shades!  A rose pink foil.  Now usually, this kind of colour would make me think of the polishes my grandma wore way back and still does.  But on the nail, it has some shimmery foilish goodness going on that I just love.  A real foil, not the streaky metallic stuff I expected.  It is quite unique, for both Essie who don’t have a pile of foils[Read more]

Essie Baguette Me Not Swatches & Review

Essie Baguette Me Not - Summer 2017 - Swatch Stamped MdU Fantasy - Creative Shop 59 Closeup

You having that weird thought that there is already a polish named Baguette Me Not and it doesn’t look like this?  OPI has one with a dusty salmony-dark pink colour.  I think Essie missed the mark on not naming this something macaron themed as it matches the purple-pink of macarons at my local bakery.  Anyway, on to swatches and review of Essie Baguette Me Not.  It is a light purple with just the right amount of pink and blue.  Not[Read more]

Essie Eclair My Love Swatches & Review

Essie Eclair My Love - Summer 2017 - Stamped BP-L041 Plaid MdU Black Swatches

I will start by saying that I don’t know if I just got a bad bottle of Essie Eclair My Love.  Before I got it from Intense Polish Therapy’s giveaway, it was on my list to buy as so many bloggers recommended it as an almost one coater with a great formula.  For me, it has an almost crelly formula and I still have visible nail line showing with two and three coats.  So you may want to check your[Read more]

Essie Blue La La Swatches & Review

Essie Blue La La - Summer 2017 - Stamped with MdU Navy and BP-L060 - Swatch

A beautiful cool pastel Parisian blue for those hot days!  Essie Blue La La from the Summer 2017 collection was one of my faves when I first saw this collection.  I do love a good blue and in the bottle, it was close to the blue toned Mint Candy Apple.  A  touch less minty green on the nail but if you missed it, Blue La La is worth picking up.  I probably have other blues in my collection close to[Read more]