Stamped Leaves Nail Art #CBBNov

Joy and Polish Spiced Plum stamped with BPL024 Leaves and Mdu Gold Copper and Merry Leaves Nail Art

Another day, another #CBBNov prompt.  Actually, having only two a week has been really nice.  Even if I haven’t been perfectly sticking to the posting schedule.  The second prompt for this week is leaves and since I pulled out my fall and winter themed stamping accessories, this was an easy one for me.  I used […]

Avon Glitter Manicure Set & Christmas Gel Finish Polishes

Avon Christmas Nail Art and Glitter Manicure Set

Who doesn’t love a little glitter in their lives?  Avon has a new compact silvery glitter manicure kit for the holidays and are featuring the obvious Christmas shades – red, green and gold in Gel Finish polishes (sold separately). The Avon glitter manicure kit comes is a deluxe mani to go kit that is great […]

Purple Nail Art For #CBBNov With A England Angel Grace

A England Angel Grace CBBNov Purple Nails Prompt

Halfway through the Canadian Beauty Bloggers #CBBNov challenge and the prompt for this weekend is purple. We have already covered plaid, wine, poppies and stamping.  Some of these are obviously easier for nail bloggers but there are some makeup looks too. For purple, I started with a base of A England’s Angel Grace which is […]

Monochrome Plaid Nails #CBBNov

CBBNov Plaid Nails - Quo Runway Ready - Pueen Geo Lover 02 - Black White Double Stamping - 2

We have a new challenge over at the Canadian Beauty Bloggers.  This month, we are going to be sharing some makeup and nail looks with various prompts.  Check #CBBNov to see all of the other looks.  The prompt for Day 1 is Plaid and I went for a monochrome look rather than more traditional plaid […]

Avon Lavender Sky Geometric Design #31DC2016

31DC2016 Day 16 - Geometric Swatch - Avon Lavender Sky and MdU Fantasy - Pueen Geo Lover 02

Keeping the geometric prompt for the 31 day nail art challenge fairly simple as I wanted to keep the last two looks on as long as possible.  Luckily, I own a Pueen stamping plate called Geo Lover 02 making it an easy choice for today.  It looks so plain after using multiple polishes for flowers and […]

Animal Print Nails #31DC2016

The prompt for day 13 of the 31 day nail art challenge is animal print. Whatever animal I decided on does not really exist since I can’t think of a beige animal with copper stripes but first neutral polish out of the stash wins since I did not have a lot of motivation for this […]

Polka Dot Nails For #31DC2016

31DC2016 Polka Dots - Essence Rock My World and Mdu Silver - Swatch

It is polka dot day for the 31 day challenge and I was torn between the pretty dotticures I saw for the 2015 challenge and sticking to a true polka dot which are evenly spaced.  I ended up stamping the dots to make them fairly large and uniform in size and spacing using a silver […]

Violet Nails For Day 6 of #31DC2016

31dc2016 violet nails stamped purple nails maybelline sally hansen

After much discussion of what colour violet really is, more blue or more pink and spreading all of my purple-ish polishes on the floor much to the confusion of my cats, and headed to wikipedia (because wiki answers everything) which says “Violet is the color of amethyst, lavender and beautyberries”. I have a Maybelline polish […]

31 Day Challenge – Days 1 – 4 #31DC2016

Days 1 through 4 of the #31DC2016 31 Day Challenge hosted by Chalkboard Nails

I had planned on participating in #31DC2016 but somehow September just crept up on me and before I realized it, it was the 3rd and I had not done any of them.  Not giving up, I spent my day playing with nail polishes and making a huge mess.  Since I am behind, I cheated a […]