Avon Glitter Manicure Set & Christmas Gel Finish Polishes

Avon Christmas Nail Art and Glitter Manicure Set

Avon Christmas Nail Art and Glitter Manicure Set

Who doesn’t love a little glitter in their lives?  Avon has a new compact silvery glitter manicure kit for the holidays and are featuring the obvious Christmas shades – red, green and gold in Gel Finish polishes (sold separately).

Avon Glitter Manicure kit - Avon Winter 2016 - Christmas Nail Art

The Avon glitter manicure kit comes is a deluxe mani to go kit that is great for gifting.  It comes in a little silver clutch waller and include a cuticle scissors, cuticle pusher, tweezers, nail file and nail clipper.  At just $12, it makes a great gift for baby sitters, teachers, or even stocking stuffers.

Of course, I used the Christmas coloured nail polishes as an excuse to pull out my MoYou London festive plates.

Christmas Nail Art – Candy Canes Using Avon Gel Finish Roses Are Red

Avon Gel Finish Roses are Red - MdU Silver - Christmas Nail Art - Peppermint

Some of my favourite images are candy cane images included on the XL MoYou Festive 03 plate.  I mixed and matched three of the images using Mundo de Unas Silver polish for this candy cane themed Christmas nail art look.  Goes so well with my recent obsession with White Chocolate Peppermint tea!

Sadly, my fave jelly stamper decided it no longer wants to stay in its holder as I was doing my ring finger and fell out.  So it didn’t leave a perfect line, but often candy canes are not perfect either.

Christmas Nail Art – Avon Gel Finish Envy with Gold Stamping

Avon Gel Finish Envy - MdU Gold - Ugly Sweater Nails

Green and gold look so great together.  I originally planned to use the gold included with my glitter manicure kit set but it didn’t show well so I switched to Mundo de Unas Gold.  I used the ugly sweater images from MoYou Festive 06 for this one.

Glimmer is used for the snowflake/star on my ring finger and you can tell it is less opaque and doesn’t pick up as well.  Still shows well for a regular polish though, especially over a darker colour.  I fixed up the area near my cuticle using stamping polish as it did not do as well on the more delicate line stamping images.

Christmas Nail Art – Avon Gel Finish Glimmer with Black Gift Stamping

Avon Gel Finish Glimmer - Gift Style Ribbon Nail Art - Mdu Black

Who doesn’t love gifts?  So my Christmas nail art had to include some gifts too.  I used the almost identical stamps from the MoYou Festive 03 and 06 plates depending on the size of the nail.  The 03 plate has XL stamping images so are better for longer nails.  I used Mundo de Unas black to stamp the images over Avon Gel Finish Glimmer.  Glimmer is a touch darker in person than it appears under these lights and has a smooth finish despite the obvious shimmer in the bottle.

Avon Christmas Nail Art and Glitter Manicure Set

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  1. Ugly sweater is ugly for a reason 🙂 However, the green polish looks awesome especially with gold polish. Just pick a different shape.

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