Is Sassy+Chic Nail Art Worth Buying At Dollar Tree?

Sassy+Chic Nail Art at Dollar Tree Reviews

Sassy+Chic Nail Art at Dollar Tree Reviews

My local Dollar Tree has a decent selection of nail art products.  Most of them are Sassy+Chic branded which seems to be a made for Dollar Tree line.  So no huge discounts but at $1.25 per product, they are on par for pricing from Born Pretty etc.  I picked up a selection of products including some stencil stickers, nail wraps, nail stickers and jewels.

Review: Sassy+Chic Nail Stencils/Vinyls at Dollar Tree

Sassy+Chic Nail Art Stencil Stickers Review

They have a variety of Sassy+Chic nail stencils.  Each comes with 10 stencils per pack but you can’t buy just one design.  So if you do want to do the same one on each nail, you would have to carefully reuse or buy a few packs.  They are decent sized so would work well even on long nails but not very wide.  They also cannot be turned sideways unless you have very short nails.

Sassy+Chic Nail Stencils with Fiendish Fancies Shapeshifter and My Indie Polish Liquid Chrome

Shown here using the two designs from the same pack along with the Sassy+Chic nail jewels.  Base is Fiendish Fancies Shapeshifter, one of the VIP polishes from Indie Expo Canada.  My Indie Polish Liquid Chrome sponged on over the nail vinyl stencil.

The jewels are just like any cheap jewels.  Lots of choice in the pack I bought with a range of shapes and colours for just $1.25.

Review: Sassy+Chic Nail Art Stickers at Dollar Tree

Sassy+Chic Nail Art Nail Stickers and Jewels at Dollar Tree Reviews

The Sassy+Chic nail stickers I was actually quite excited to find.  We had been discussing doing a food themed Mani Monday so I was going to use them for that.  I do not recommend buying them though.  They need a pale base to show and are not very flexible and even 100% acetone doesn’t melt it away very well so you end up with bits of sticker showing.  They are not overly thick but you need a couple of coats to smooth the nail out completely.

Sassy+Chic Nail Art Stickers over Paint it Pretty Tickle Me Pink

The Sassy+Chic dessert themed nail stickers actually look better in this photo than they did on the nail.  But you can see the edges of the stickers even with two coats of top coat.  Shown over one coat of Paint it Pretty Polish Tickle Me Pink layered over white.  I ended up having to trim the edges of the stickers after unsuccessfully trying to melt/fuse it with acetone.

Review: Sassy+Chic Nail Wrap Stickers at Dollar Tree

Sassy+Chic Nail Art Wraps Stickers at Dollar Tree Review

The nail wraps from Sassy+Chic at Dollar Tree come in a variety of surprisingly nice designs.  Nothing especially unique but definitely wearable compared to some of the cheap ones you find elsewhere.  The sizing is way off though.  I have decent sized nails and most of the sizes were really small or way too large and had to be cut down.  Since the designs need to be centred, that can be an issue making them fit.

Sassy+Chic Nail Stickers Review

Overall, the Sassy+Chic nail wrap stickers look ok but for fairly simple designs, I would rather just stamp them and have it look more natural.  You can see some bumps at the edges where the nails didn’t conform to my c-curve well and they need to be filed off at the tip so you have free edge showing.

Overall, they are great for the price if you are a beginner to nail art.  I would buy the Sassy+Chic nail stencils and jewels again but doubt I would bother with the rest.  The nail buffer shown in the first picture is great though.  Sassy+Chic also has a line of makeup at Dollar Tree, I buy the sponges and tools but tend not to buy makeup like that.

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  1. I bought some of the stencils, but I have yet to use them. Good to know about the stickers, I’ll stay away from those.

  2. I had no idea that the dollar store offered things like this. I’ve never really paid attention to the beauty and nails section, but I love that you can get these so readily now. I may have to look into them!

  3. I’ve seen this at the dollar store but didn’t buy them because I didn’t think they would even work . Will have to pick some up now .

  4. Can sassy & chic nail jewels be reused?

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