Can You Pull Off Orange Nail Polish?

Orange Nail Polish Swatches: Zoya Beatrix PixieDust

Orange Nail Polish Swatches: Zoya Beatrix PixieDust

Orange is the theme of the month over at Canadian Beauty Bloggers.  I am not huge into orange makeup, but I can give orange nail polish a go.

Zoya Beatrix

The most wearable of orange nail polishes for me is Zoya Pixie Dust in Beatrix, a tangerine orange nail polish with a gold sparkle against the matte textured base.  Beatrix was released as part of the Summer 2013 Pixie Dust collection and you know I can’t resist Pixie Dust polishes.

This colour just works for me, I don’t look at my nails and think OMG Orange! As with all Pixie Dust polishes, it lasts well and is opaque in two coats.  Pixie Dust polishes are also easier to remove than most glitter type polishes and Beatrix is no exception.

Orange Nail Polish Swatches: Zoya Beatrix PixieDust

You can really see the glitter in this picture of the bottle of Zoya Beatrix.  The muted gold glitter doesn’t show well on my nails above, but it is what makes Beatrix such a wearable orange nail polish.

Essie Roarrrrange

Orange Nail Polish Swatches: Essie Roarrrrange

Going brighter and no texture with orange nail polish is Essie Roarrrrange.  That is four Rs in the middle if you were checking!  This one is from Essie’s summer 2014 collection and takes some getting used to.  No one is going to miss the fact that you are wearing a bright orange nail polish with Roarrrrange.  This is not quite neon bright but really bright and probably more suited to darker skin tones.  That being said, something about it just works for me.  It is much brighter than most creme polishes I would wear but I don’t hate it either.

Orange Nail Polish Swatches: Essie Roarrrrange

It does however make an amazing polish for Halloween with Layla Bubbly Effect Black Forest over it.

Orange Nail Polish Swatches: Essie Roarrrrange Layla Bubbly Effect Black Forest

For me, orange has always been more of a nail art colour.  Essie Roarrrrange works great as a gradient nail with a yellow for a summery look but Zoya Beatrix works great all by itself.

These are older polishes, but likely available at Nail Polish Canada.

What is your favourite orange nail polish?


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9 Replies to “Can You Pull Off Orange Nail Polish?”

  1. I love the look (especially the Zoya), but I just dont think I could pull it off!

  2. I’m the same, orange is more for nail art instead of a full manicure, but that is because the colour clashes with my skin tone (finding the perfect shade is hard).
    Both these polishes seem to go really well with your skin tone and I love both shades. They’re not ugly oranges (if that makes any sense). 🙂

  3. Not for me but pretty on you!

  4. Anne Taylor says: Reply

    I love this colour but I don’t think I could pull it off. I think my skin is just the wrong shade.

  5. Nena Sinclair says: Reply

    I love the orange colors in nail polish and I’d definitely wear them!

  6. I love orange and gold mixed together- perhaps a little ‘Roarrrrange’ with a gold tip or flecks would work for me!

  7. How awesome would these be for Halloween or the fall season?! Love the Bubbly Effect!

  8. I have a shade of orange released by Butter London and it looks amazing on my nails. I will have to apply it again sometime.

  9. […] You do need to wait until your base colour is completely dry before applying Layla Bubbly Effect or it lifts that polish too.  I posted a couple of orange polishes before if you do not think you can pull off orange. […]

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