MAN’STUFF By Technic Man Can Giveaway For Father’s Day

Man'Stuff by Technic Man Can Father's Day Giveaway with FarleyCo

Father’s Day is just around the corner and while you may have already bought gifts, I am sharing some reviews of stuff for him this week.   I am kicking that off with a giveaway sponsored by FarleyCo Beauty!

FarleyCo carry a range of products in Canada.  You likely know of EcoTools, 7th Heaven, Real Techniques and many others they carry.  But they have several ranges for men too.  Man’Stuff by Technic  is a new male grooming range. The range features a number of essential toiletry and male grooming items, from shower gels and shampoo to beard oils and shaving gels, all scented with our classic, gentle Man’Stuff fragrance. The minimalist packaging, and gentle scent mean Man’Stuff is focused on accomplishing results. It does “what it says on the tin” and delivers every time.

This speaks to me because my boyfriend hates “fussy” grooming products.  I think he probably used body wash/shampoo combos before I met him.  While he is better at taking care of his hair and skin now, it doesn’t extend to using multiple products when one would work.  So Man’Stuff works for him.  The minimalist packaging tells him what it does right on the label.

You can purchase Man’Stuff by Technic products direct from FarleyCo or at the following stores

  • Select Guardian
  • Select IDA
  • Select Pharma Choice
  • Select Pharmasave

FarleyCo ManStuff Man Can Giveaway - Insta

So, on to the giveaway,  I have a Man’Stuff Man Can to giveaway.  It is a gift set with face wash, shaving cream and shaving essentials including a brush.  This giveaway is only open to Canadians and closes at midnight on June 17th.


Enter in the giveaway tools form above. If you have any issues with the widget loading, find it here too.

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107 thoughts on “MAN’STUFF By Technic Man Can Giveaway For Father’s Day

  1. The Man’Stuff Shower Gel would be perfect for my Dad! We have, recently, convinced him to try a shower poof and he loves it! 🙂

  2. The hair and body wash is perfect for my other half. He’s a no-fuss kinda guy and frequently uses his shower gel as shampoo to my horror.

  3. The post shave balm! My dad would be all smooth & moisturized which he needs after all the hard work he does every day!

  4. the face wash would be very appreciated by our man of the house who always seems to have a bit of a sheen to his face !

  5. I would give this high quality product Man’Stuff Shower Gel (200 mL) to our son.
    He works out and this would be a bonus gift for him.

  6. I want the man in my life to try the Man’Stuff Post Shave Balm. He never applies any lotions (or balms). I’m sure his skin would appreciate it.

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