Can Natural Deodorant Work For You?

Natural Deodorants Review and Comparison Lafes vs Green Beaver vs Clean Kiss

Natural Deodorants Review and Comparison Lafes vs Green Beaver vs Clean Kiss

Since it was Earth Day this month, I have been giving natural/green deodorants another try.  It is cooler so not as sweaty as when I tried some last summer.  I think deodorants are the hardest thing to find a green/natural option that works.   Especially when you are used to the sweat protection that the chemical laden drugstore antiperspirants offer.  I tried three different options, all in different scents.  Two twist up stick/bar style and one cream style natural deodorant.

Lafe’s Bliss Iris & Rose Natural Deodorant Review

Natural Deodorants Review and Comparison Lafes Bliss Iris and Rose Natural Deodorant Review

This twist stick promises 24 hour protection with a slightly floral scent.  Lafe’s Bliss Deodorant in Iris and Rose is the only non Canadian brand of the three I tried.  They have active and extra strength varieties that maybe I should have tried as this just doesn’t cut it for me.  It works better than some I have tried in the past.  But not well enough to become my every day deodorant.  It is aluminum free, gluten free and propylene glycol free.  Plus it is made with all organic ingredients.  It does well on the promise of being an invisible solid and left no marks on my dark clothing but I still felt sweaty, just flowery scented.

The Green Beaver Lavender Natural Deodorant Review

Natural Deodorants Review and Comparison The Green Beaver Lavender Natural Deodorant Review

I have tried this one before but decided to give it another try in the cooler weather.  I love The Green Beaver brand, but their natural deodorant is a fail for me.   Probably just a body chemistry issue but this seems to make me sweatier than going without deodorant.  And sweaty lavender just isn’t very nice.  While Lafe’s Bliss left me sweaty, the scent was fairly non-offensive.  The Green Beaver Lavender Natural Deodorant made me feel like I had to shower to get rid of the sweat smell.

There is one way it worked better than Lafe’s though.  I found the Lafe’s Bliss made me itchy when using it after shaving and as a hairy girl, I shave my pits daily in warmer weather.  The Green Beaver’s Natural Deodorant includes the same Labrador Tea from their Boreal Body Lotion that soothes your skin.

Clean Kiss Organics Pucker Up Cream Deodorant Review

Natural Deodorants Review and Comparison - Clean Kiss Pucker Up Natural Cream Deodorant Review

I have already reviewed Clean Kiss Organics Cream Deodorant in Pucker Up before so I won’t bore you with a long review.  It is a little more expensive than Lafes or The Green Beaver at $12 but performed the best out of the three.  Maybe a cream formula just suits my body chemistry better.  This is a mix of cream formula with baking soda.  Maybe that is why it left me feeling dry in comparison to the sticks.  On the other hand, I did get some marks on dark clothing from it.  Clean Kiss offers a baking soda free option but not sure it would work as well as this one.

Have you tried natural deodorants?  Do you find they work for you?

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3 Replies to “Can Natural Deodorant Work For You?”

  1. Did you do a detox period first? I really want to make the switch but I’ve read that it only works if you do a detox period and I’m not sure I want to be smelly/sweaty for a bunch of weeks to get to the point where I can use natural ones ? My daughters use Green Beaver (citrus) and Desert Essence (Tropical Breeze). Both work well for them but not for me. I think it’s because my body is so used to the bad stuff while their bodies have never been subjected to that.

    1. I did both times I have tried these (and without a detox going back to Clean Kiss).

  2. How do we measure up? Lume is clinically proven to control odor for up to 48 hours!
    Lume is also natural – no aluminum, no baking soda. No need to detox and change your pH levels since we don’t have the baking soda that most natural deodorants have, that’s how they delay your skin irritation.

    Read more about it:

    Let us know if you try us out, we’d love to hear from you.

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