Shop Local at the Hamilton Etsy Made In Canada Show

Hamilton Etsy Made in Canada Vendors Makers

The holiday shopping season is almost upon us.  But Etsy is giving us one last “normal” shopping market before everything turns fall and holiday themed.  The Hamilton Etsy Made In Canada Show will be held at the Lincoln Alexander Centre tomorrow.  There are some great local vendors with a mix of product types to suit everyone.  If you are not familiar with the venue, it is on King beside the Crown Plaza Hotel.  Starting at 10am, entrance is free and there are swag bags for the first 50 families too!

Hamilton Etsy Made in Canada Vendors Makers

There are lots of new to me makers at this show so I will need some serious shopping time to check them out.  Partially because some are baby/kid themed so I have likely walked right by them before unless I am looking for a shower gift.  But there are also some I can’t wait to pick up items from.  Here are some on my list.

Candles From The Fragrance Lab / Scents Eight Candle Co

The Fragrance Lab - Scents Eight - Candles Hamilton

The Fragrance Lab / Facebook

We rarely light candles, all those cat whiskers and inquisitiveness do not mix with open flames.  But I buy them if they catch my attention or make cute props.  I actually saw The Fragrance Lab (Scents Eight) candles shared about a week or so before I heard of them being at the Hamilton Etsy Made In Canada show.  They caught my attention  because they have a candle named Unicorn Farts.  Plus they have a couple of NSFW ones that my juvenile mind needs.  A bunch of fellow members of The Maple Lounge bought her wax melts which were on sale at the time.  They loved them so definitely on my list.

Beauty From Botany Barn & Shakespeare’s Bathtub

Shakerspeares Bathtub Hamilton etsy show

You already know I am excited for some of the scents and felted soaps from Botany Barn.  If not, head over here and find out why!  But there is a second beauty maker at the Hamilton Etsy Made In Canada Show too.  Shakespeare’s Bathtub has a load of customizable products including toner and other skincare rather than the usual lotion only.  Shop through their website and get a $5 credit if you sign up to their rewards program or they also have an Etsy store.  On my list to try are their lipstains.  Plus shampoo because my hair has been crazy since I cut it short again.

Jewelry Options at The Hamilton Etsy Made In Canada Show

Hamilton Etsy Made in Canada Jewelry

There are jewelry options for every taste.  Personally, I will be checking out Luxezen and Quartz & Knot.  Luxezen is one I have seen at shows before but I have my eye on a silver and labradorite necklace as well as the triangle one shown above.  Quartz and Knot is Hamilton based and sells several oil diffuser necklaces that look interesting.

For something a little different, Dragon Fire Glass make blown glass pendants while Kim B Designs has some cute metal pennant design necklaces.

Glib Designs Cards at Hamilton Etsy Made In Canada Show

Last, but not least, I like to stock up and unique cards for birthdays and other events.  Glib Designs has some cute and stylish cards that are on my list.  They have an I love you more than pizza card that he needs to buy for me haha.  I need one that says I love you more than the cat!  Although, sometimes that can be debatable because Roo is my baby.

You can find a full list of Etsy makers selling at the Hamilton Etsy Made In Canada show here.  I will be there early so come say hi if you see me!  It is free so a great time to check out these local makers.



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