Stokes / Think Kitchen Buys For Tea Lovers

Stokes Think Kitchen Tea Buys

Stokes Think Kitchen Tea Buys

I will start by saying that this is not sponsored, nor did Stokes send me any of these items to feature.  I just want to share my love of their tea and coffee accessories. If you don’t have a local Stokes, they may be Think:Kitchen near you as they are basically the same store.  You can find all Stokes locations here and thinkkitchen locations here.  As with any store, selection may vary by location, but you can always shop online through Stokes.

Affordable & Practical Stokes Tea Pots

Stokes Think Kitchen Tea Buys - Tea Pots

The thing that first drew me into the Think Kitchen store in my local mall was blue tea pots.  I am a sucker for blue!  Some of them do come in other colours but I would happily buy blue everything and it matches my blog so…

The Funky Betty Teapot is a large 1L stoneware teapot.  I can easily brew up two full Nordic mugs using this.  Just because no one wants to clean tea leaves out of the pot, it comes with a removable stainless steel infuser.  This allows your tea to steep to your desired strength then leave it in the pot.

If 1L is a bit too much for the single tea drinker in your home, the Life Teapot is similar but has a 20oz capacity.  As with the larger pot, it is made with durable stoneware that keeps your tea hot and has a removable infuser.

Best thing about these? Both are under $20 regular price and often on sale for $15!  Both of these come in bright red while some others are available in white.

Stokes Think Kitchen Tea Buys - Affordable Tea Pots

Other top choices include (from left)

  • Tropical Teapot in white $20 – on sale for $10 but does not include an infuser, huge 1.25L (42oz) capacity
  • Bead Cast Iron Teapot in black $50 – on sale for $30 includes removable infuser, holds 27oz
  • Sencha Glass Teapot in black $10 regular price! Holds over 42oz with removable infuser
  • Avalon Glass Teapot in mint $15 – on sale for $10.  Holds 27oz and infuser is removable (this is the next one on my to buy list!)

Latte Me! Stokes / Think Kitchen Milk Frothers

Stokes Think Kitchen Tea Buys - Milk frothers

My addiction to foamy tea lattes runs deep and Stokes / Think Kitchen have several options depending on your preference and budget.

  • Viva Perfect Milk Frother $12 – battery operated this silicone and stainless steel high speed milk frother will have that latte milk foamy in seconds
  • Mousse Milk Frother $13 ($10 sale) – this manual milk frother is perfect for those who find steamed milk a little hard to digest and gives a lighter foam
  • Joie Milk Frother $7 – your basic battery powered milk frother (I think this was the first frother I every bought!)
  • Cito Milk Frother $60 – heats and froths the milk for you to create long lasting foam that won’t cool your tea (also on my to buy list)

Stokes/ThinkKitchen Teacups For Everyone

Stokes Think Kitchen Tea Buys - Mugs

I hate buying mugs in sets.  Sure we have a couple of sets we use with guests but my cups depend a lot of my tea choice.  My local Think Kitchen usually has mugs on sale for $4-6 so I can pick one up each time.  Probably a good thing they are not in the mall I shop at most or I would have even more mugs for him to complain about!  Here are some of my faves from their current selection:

  • Antique Bead Mug $6 – only 6oz so I wouldn’t use this often but won’t it look adorable in pictures?
  • Kiki Love Mug $6 – out of stock online but I saw this on sale for $5 in store, sooooo cute and 13oz for a decent size tea
  • T4ME Ocean Mug $15 (sale $10) comes with an infuser at much less than you will find at DavidsTea or Teavana!
  • Willow Grande Mug $$1 (sale $6) is bone china and holds 16oz of tea!  It also has a matte finish which is a nice change to shiny mugs
  • XOX Chic! Mug $6 (sale $5) is larger than shown in my picture, it holds over 16oz and is made of bone china with a beautiful design

I would buy most of the mugs sold at Stokes or Think Kitchen.  They have some really cute owl design ones plus great travel mugs.  Before I just list their whole site, check out the selection here.

All images courtesy of Stokes/ThinkKitchen

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