Revive Your Nails With Avon’s Cuticle Conditioner

Avon Nail Care - Buffing Block - Cuticle Conditioner - Cuticle Eraser

Avon Nail Care - Buffing Block - Cuticle Conditioner - Cuticle Eraser

Avon recently launched some new manicure products including Cuticle Conditioner, new designs for their manicure kits and a six sided buffing block.  After a drying winter and hands stuck in gloves, nails may not be in perfect shape so it is time to get them ready for that warmer weather that the groundhog promised us is coming soon.

Avon Glitter Manicure Kit

Starting your manicure off by prepping your nails with one of their manicure kits.  Choose between this super cute sparkly silver glitter kit or to get in the mood for spring, their new flower design.  Each kit includes a small scissors, cuticle pusher, nail clipper, file and tweezers. They have a matching Foot Works set with tools for a great pedicure too.

Cut your nails if necessary and file the edges gently.  Push back your cuticles (don’t cut) and use Avon’s Instant Gel Cuticle Remover and remove the cuticle with the pointy end of the pusher.  Snip any hang nails and wash your hands ready for the next step.

Avon Cuticle Conditioner and Buffing Block

Avon Nail Care - Buffing Block - Cuticle Conditioner - Cuticle Eraser

Once you have the basic prep out of the way and your nails are dry, add a little of their new Cuticle Conditioner.  Unlike many cuticle oils, it has a gel like consistency and dries matte – perfect for swatching polishes!

The six sided buffer has everything you need to shape your nails for under $3.

  • Shape your nails with the step 1 – 240 grit file (black side)
  • Smooth edges with the step 2 – 320 grit (white side)
  • Condition your nails with the step 3 – 320 grit (green side)
  • Smooth the nail with the step 4 – 400 grit (yellow side)
  • Buff the nail with the step 5 – 500 grit (blue side)
  • Polish the buffing on the nail with the soft step 6 – 1500 grit shine buffer (pink side)

While steps 2 and 3 are both listed as 320 grit, the green side feels closer to a 400.  It has a similiar finish to the smoothing buffer beside it.

Once finished, rinse your nails again.  Then add two coats of a True Color polish to show off your Spring nails!

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