MoYou Comics Girl Stamping Set Review & Swatches

MoYou London Comics Girl 05 Painted With Sharpies How To Swatches

MoYou London Comics Girl 05 Painted With Sharpies How To Swatches ~ Trade Secrets Canada Nail Stamping

I was so happy when Trade Secrets got in a limited collection of MoYou London plates and sets and it seems I was not the only one as they recently expanded the line with new sets and plates including the MoYou Comics Collection I have to share today! When they first announced that they were carrying the line, I stalked the stores and made them unpack a box for me so I could buy the Festive Collection for Christmas nailart as well as a handful of plates.  I reviewed the Festive starter set here and the new one has a different stamper so it is worth checking both out depending on your stamping preferences.

We don’t have a pile of great stamping options in Canada, pretty much everything has to be mailed internationally and while NailPolishCanada has increased their offerings, MoYou plates are always reliably etched and tend to be different than most plates.  Plus you can actually go into a store and check them out, something that is not available for other brands.

MoYou Comics Girl Starter Set From Trade Secrets

MoYou London Comics Girl 05 Starter Set Swatches and Review ~ Trade Secrets

Each MoYou London set from Trade Secrets is $29.95 and includes a bottle of special stamping polish (colours vary by set but they are also available individually). a stamping plate, a stamper and scraper along with an instruction booklet in a card pouch.  The MoYou Comics Girl starter kit includes Comics Collection 05 plate and black stamping polish.

MoYou London Comics Girl 05 Starter Set Review plus Swatches- Trade Secrets Nail Stamping Canada

Some of you may remember from my previous review that I did not like the stamper included in the Festive set, it was a marshmallow stamper in a cotton bag that picked up pieces of cotton.  The one in this set if still squishy but the more plastic one I prefer.  It doesn’t stain as badly as the super squishy marshmallow ones, you get a bit more control and cleans more easily.

MoYou Comics Collection 05 Plate & Swatches

MoYou Comics Girl 05 starter set plate - Trade Secrets Canada Nail Stamping

The Comics Collection is fun but probably not the best if you are new to nail stamping.  The images can be a bit large for smaller/shorter nails and I shrunk some to fit on my natural nail.  While my nails are fairly short at the moment, I have long nail beds so there is a fair amount of nail to stamp and I often find smaller stamping images are too short but I imagine many people will have to shrink these.

The MoYou Comics Collection 05 plate has one large image that you can pull various images from, two small ones that will fit my nails without shrinking, two (top images) that needed shrinking and a longer image of the Comics Girl that you can use across multiple nails, use just her head or the area around here.

Not sure how to shrink a nail stamping image? Get a squishy stamp head and remove it from the holder.  I find that fairly large round ones work best.  Pinch it at the sides and top/bottom so you are stretching the stamp head in all directions and push down on the stamp image.  Once it bounces back to regular shape, the image will be smaller and fit on your nail better.  It can damage your stamp head over time, so I use a cheap one from Born Pretty exclusively for shrinking images.

MoYou London Comics 05 Starter Set Swatches Black and White available at Trade Secrets Canada

The images are fairly unique compared to the stamping plates from most companies but a bit plain if done in just one colour.  These images are fairly small with lots of different areas to colour in so rather than attempting to colour using the advanced stamping technique with nail polish behind the stamping, I tried out a Sharpie Manicure.  Disclaimer: The makers of Sharpies do not recommend you get it on your skin and it is a good idea to use a decent base coat and base colour before using Sharpies on your nails.

MoYou London Comics Girl 05 Painted With Sharpies How To Swatches

Why the hair spray? Sharpies are permanent, but don’t dry 100% on the nail and can smudge with top coat.  A quick mist of hairspray will set the colour so you are less likely to smudge it when applying top coat.  Still be careful and give them plenty of time to dry and use a thick top coat where the brush isn’t rubbing against the nail.

MoYou London Comics Painted With Sharpies, available at Trade Secrets Canada for nail stamping

Sharpies are great for colouring in those smaller more finicky areas like the end pieces of her hair or lips on the MoYou Comics Collection 05 images.  You can always use a dotting tool or your smallest brush with nail polish though!  To use polish, paint onto the back of the nail stamper so that when you press down, the black outlines are at the top and show, things like her striped jacket are almost impossible to paint after unless you use something like Essie’s Silk Watercolours or other sheer polish.

If you are using Sharpies to colour in your stamping, choose the fine ones.  It will give you control over the colours without the sharper tip of the Ultra Fine Sharpies which can dent your base polish or stamping and tend to dry out at the tips.

MoYou Comics 05 Comics Girl Plate Mani Swatch

If you are new to nail stamping, I recommend you try out the MoYou Flower Power starter set also available at Trade Secrets.  It has pretty but easy to stamp images and is something even seasoned nail stampers will turn to over the years so will stay in your collection when you get addicted to nail stamping!

If you do not have a local Trade Secrets store, they sell them for the same prices online and shipping is free on all orders.  Even on single plates or MoYou stamping polishes!  So worth checking out the expanded MoYou collection.

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