Quo by Orly Rooftop Lounge #AlphabetNails

Quo by Orly Color Ampd Rooftop Lounge Swatch Stamping Pueen Fancy Lover Watermarble Stamping Image

Quo by Orly Color Ampd Rooftop Lounge Swatch and Review

The alphabet of nail polish challenge is back this week and for R I chose Quo by Orly Color Amp’d in Rooftop Lounge.  Color Amp’d polishes have flexible technology so they resist dings and scratches, great for when you want to stamp over them in a hurry.  Rooftop Lounge is a gel finish bright teal blue that deepens with additional coats.  Shown here with two coats of Rooftop Lounge, you can still see visible nail line so it definitely benefits from a third coat which also gives it a darker teal colour.  No lamp is needed for this polish, but there is a special Quo Color Amp’d top coat that strengthens the polish and makes it long lasting.

The polish itself is what you would expect from a gel finish polish.  Crelly but easily buildable and minimal streaking.  If I was wearing it alone, I would definitely add the third coat but since I wanted to stamp over it, wanted a quick dry time and least layers possible.  Plus I find that this much black stamping tends to make the base colour look darker so I kept it bright.

Quo by Orly Color Ampd Rooftop Lounge Swatch Stamping Pueen Fancy Lover Watermarble Stamping Image

I stamped over Quo by Orly Color Amp’d Rooftop Lounge with Born Pretty black stamping polish and Pueen Fancy Lover 02 stamping plate using the Pueen stamper that came in the Love Box 02 stamping kit.  Unless I need a clear stamper or larger image, I love that stamper.  The stamping head is soft but not too soft, picks up the image well and you can clean it with polish remover every few uses to get a crisper image.

My new bottle of stamping polish however stains really badly.  I am not sure if the 6ml bottles that were on sale have a different formula to my regular bottle but it was a pain to remove the cuticles and stubborn even with 100% acetone so my cleanup was slightly messy.

The flexible technology in the Color Amp’d polishes however is great for a base for stamping.  I stamped just 10 minutes after polishing my nails and there are no smudges or marks in the base colour from stamping.  The Pueen stamper is pretty soft too which helps but anything that saves time when stamping is great in my mind.

Quo by Orly polishes including Rooftop Lounge are available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada.

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16 Replies to “Quo by Orly Rooftop Lounge #AlphabetNails”

  1. I LOVE these nails! So well done, love the colour combo and the design! I have Rooftop Lounge too so I totally might recreate these!

    1. It is such a pretty blue. I started out this summer wanting a nice bright blue and ended up with 3 I love

  2. The stamping is soo pretty!

  3. This kind of colour is known for staining unfortunately, and having to use 3 coats doesn’t help either. I adore that stamping though!

    1. It is the stamping polish that stained, the blue was surprisingly good.

      1. Oh my! I misread that. Sucks then! But good for the Orly haha 😉

        1. Nice to have a blue that doesn’t leave my nails yellow-green even with a base coat or two

  4. That is a lovely color, but I’m really loving that stamping! Such a cool image!

    1. It was one of the reasons I bought the kit!

  5. What a fun design!! I love those two colors together

  6. Great stamping! It’s so crisp!

  7. Oh I love the stamping! That blue base is really nice though!

  8. I love that blue, I wish it were available in the US.

    1. Most of the Quo labelled stuff is available under the regular Orly label, it looks like Rooftop Lounge is too https://www.orlybeauty.com/ampd/color-amp-d-rooftop-lounge.html

  9. That blue is lovely, and I really like that stamping pattern! It’s kind of watermarble-esque!

  10. I am loving that color, but it sucks it isn’t more opaque.

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