Avon Gel Finish Inked Up Nailart

Avon Gel Finish Inked Up Nail Polish Nailart in Sunlight

I was originally going to use Avon Gel Finish Inked Up with the three gold polishes I posted earlier this week when I realized it would work perfectly for Alphabet Nails since I was not in love with my old choice for the letter I.  So at the risk of turning into an Avon and DavidsTea blog, Inked up is brought to you by the letter I today.

Avon Gel Finish Inked Up Nail Polish in Sunlight no Topcoat

Avon Gel Finish Inked Up Nail Polish

Avon’s Inked Up from the Gel Finish line is a beautiful dark inky blue.  It reminds me of the ink in the fountain pens they attempted to make us write with in high school (aging myself here but my school had a thing for trying to be better than the ones around it).  So dark that it is almost black in some light but with a long lasting shiny finish.  Seriously, 4 days on dark polish is insane for me because I hate tip wear. I am talking four days of actually doing stuff, typing, washing my hair, finally unpacking the rest of my makeup and desk stuff now that I have a desk to put it all on (mine was broken in the move).

Shown here in sunlight and indirect natural light with no top coat, you can see how shiny Inked Up is even without a high shine top coat.  Dry time was decent and two coats dried enough in 10 minutes to stamp over it without smudges or marks.

Avon Gel Finish Inked Up Nail Polish Nailart Supplies

Nailart using Avon Inked Up

One of the things I fell in love with in the Pueen Love Box 2 set was this splatter look included in the Nature Lover plate which went on my nails as soon as I received the set.  A dark vampy blue like Avon’s Inked Up doesn’t exactly scream summer like the weather we have been enjoying but it is always good to test new stamps with a dark polish and white.

Avon Gel Finish Inked Up Nail Polish Nailart in Sunlight

Shown here in sunlight, I stamped the splatter image over each nail using MoYou London’s White Knight – my go to white stamping polish. I changed up the part of the stamp and direction stamped on each finger so they didn’t all look the same.  Added Avon’s UV Gloss Guard top coat which has a great brush for nailart.  It doesn’t spread, the top coat is thick-ish and just hangs from the bristles so you don’t ruin your mani with brush strokes!

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  1. This definitely makes me want to give Avon polishes another look when I get a catalog. Love the splatter design!

  2. I love the splat stamp!

  3. 4 days is pretty awesome. 🙂 I loved the nail art you did with it too.

  4. Great look! That color is super fabulous, too!!

  5. Ooh, I’m a sucker for a good navy polish and the white splatter design makes it extra special! xo

  6. Avon has really been upping their polish game!

  7. I’ve always contemplated doing the alphabet challenge. I might need to look into that soon.

  8. This is such a beautiful colour, oh my! And the nail art is so cool!

  9. I’ve been curious about this gel, super cute nail art!

  10. Very nice – I love the nail art!

  11. Well done on letter I! I love blue and this one definitely reminds me of those pens I used in school back in the days. That splatter pattern is awesome! I must grab it!

  12. I love this look! The splatter and the dark blue go so well together.

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