Essence Colour Correcting Concealer Sticks

Essence Colour Correcting Concealer Sticks Pencils All

Essence Colour Correcting Concealer Sticks Pencils All

The latest Essence release at Shoppers Drug Mart included three colour correcting concealer sticks priced at just $4 each.  You know I can’t resist Essence’s awesome budget beauty buys, so I picked up all three to try out.

  • say NO to imperfections – 20 natural beige
  • say NO to dark circles – 30 bright rose
  • say NO to redness – 10 pastel green

Not the biggest selection, but unless you are really fair or dark skinned, they are probably useful to have in your makeup bag if you do not have a decent colour correcting concealer (or ten).  They recently came out with the all I need colour correcting concealer palette in Europe where you can mix your perfect shade, but for now we are stuck with just the pencils.

Essence Colour Correcting Concealer Sticks Pencils All

The say NO to… range of colour correcting sticks have a crayon like design.  The formula is surprisingly soft since they do not fall apart on use and blend well. The bullet is fair sized but they do come to a tip for using in smaller areas.  Sadly they are wearing down already and are not self sharpening.  I haven’t braved using them in a pencil sharpener to try yet so let me know if you do!

Essence Colour Correcting Concealer Sticks Pencils AllEssence Colour Correcting Concealer Sticks Pencils Swatches

On my pale skin, the say NO to imperfections is just too dark, my foundation has a hard time covering it but the formula is great and it does cover stuff,  It was my least favourite of the three Essence colour correcting concealer sticks and I wish they had one for us pale girls.

On to the two I would use again.  Essence’s say NO to redness works well and is very blendable.  If you only have a little red,  you can just dot a little around and work the cream concealer until you are happy.  I would recommend priming well first as it is a little drier than my current one and without a decent primer, my makeup showed lines more than it usually would.  As with all green concealers, you will just look weird if you do not cover it with makeup.

The say NO to dark circles also works well at brightening up the eye area, better than some expensive dark circle concealers I have tried.  The rose pink when blended looks natural yet covers up a multitude of late night sins.  Again, the formula is a little dry which can make the dark circles look even worse so prep the area well before using any of the say NO to… colour concealer crayons.  Worn alone (with some primer first) it generally brightens the eye and on my pale skin, I can get away with no foundation over it if I just want to brighten the eye area when not wearing makeup.

Overall, I will keep the green and red in my stash, they are great for on the go touchups and weekends away.  Since they have a crayon design, they take up hardly any space compared to a colour correcting palette.

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  1. Color correctors are all the rage right now! Thanks for this review. I haven’t seen these ones yet but will definitely check them out.

  2. Might have to pick one up!

  3. Debbie White Beattie says: Reply

    I would pick Say no to dark circles and imperfections because I need them both !

  4. wow these are amazing , i must look for these , i could use all the help i can get , thanks for sharing 🙂

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