Birchbox November 2015 Sample Choice Unboxing & Review

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Birchbox November 2015 Sample Choice Unboxing & Review

I really should get to reviewing my subscription boxes earlier, but at least I did it before the next one arrived this time.  This is my November Birchbox, the first time they had Sample Choice in Canada, which I jumped on.  The Sample Choice item was one of Birchbox’ house brands, LOC curated with Tati Westbrook.  The LOC One & Done Shadow Stick was available in three colours On Point (a silvery taupe), Day Trip (a warm copper), and Impress Me (a deep rose gold) and I choice Impress Me.

LOC One & Done – Impress Me (Sample Choice)

Birchbox November 2015 Sample Choice Unboxing & Review - LOC Tati Impress Me

Starting with the Sample Choice item, the One & Done shadow sticks were all beautiful and I would have been happy to receive any of them.  I choice Impress Me since it would work with almost any look.  A set of all three of these shadow sticks is $31, a great deal considering they are pigmented, last and do not crease.  I am just up to $30 in Birchbox points, so this maybe a Christmas present to myself.

I know a lot of people were not in favour of Birchbox making their own brand and pushing it through Sample Choice so you were guaranteed to get one.  It should be about getting to try other brands, but they did a really good job with this one so I am happy with it.

The Balm – FratBoy

Birchbox November 2015 Sample Choice Unboxing & Review - The Balm Frat Boy

I love that Birchbox has brands like The Balm, because you do get some crap exclusive brands/products from subscription boxes.  However, the sample sizes make The Balm’s face products hard to use.   You can use FratBoy as a blush or shadow, which makes it great for a night out but try getting your blush brush into that little sample.  I feel that half the product is lost on the packaging as I swipe.

Salon Gioje Keratin Protein Mask

Birchbox November 2015 Sample Choice Unboxing & Review - Keratin Protein Hair Mask

It wasn’t that empty, but I didn’t take a photo of the mask before using it.  This Salon Gioje keratin protein mask is meant to repair your hair from the inside out.  I have used it twice and honestly, I have used cheaper masks that work better.  It is decent, but the fragrance is pretty strong and it is kinda goopy so it runs down the hair a bit rather than masking.

So on to Temple Spa La La Lagoon shower gel.  One whiff of this was enough to tell you I am not a fan.  It went in the donate pile, so I can’t really review it.  It has ylang ylnag, eucalyptus, patchouli, peppermint and basil – smelly stuff and way too overpowering for me.  Just  sniffing it gave me a headache.

Finally, I received a BioRepublic Green Tea Detox sheet mask.  I have already received this from Birchbox, so they gave me some extra points but it means I only have four products to share with you.

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  1. I really want to try the LOC products, and that shade is stunning. I can understand people not wanting to get a Birchbox brand but at the same time, these seem really nice! as long as it’s not every single month I think it’s still okay 🙂

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      If the quality is better than some of the “Birchbox Exclusive” products, I don’t mind

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