Nice’n Easy Root Touch Up Review

clairol nice n easy root touch up review

clairol nice n easy root touch up review

As some of you will know, I have had issues with a few resistant grey hairs in my part since my early 20s and my hair grows really quickly so salon touch up jobs to cover growth get really expensive.  So I mix up salon colours a few times a year with at home permanent dyes.  BzzAgent recently gave me the opportunity to try out Clairol’s Nice’n Easy Root Touch Up kit so I jumped at the chance.

About Nice’n Easy Root Touch Up

clairol nice n easy root touch up review

  • Just 10 minutes to say goodbye to roots and grays (100% gray coverage)
  • 21 shades, designed to match any shade, even from the salon (sorry no wild shades)
  • Permanent color that blends seamlessly and lasts up to 3 weeks
  • Precision Brush for quick and easy application

I have tried a lot of different hair dyes, from many of the leading hair companies.  Some I have loved, they look better than salon colours, and some I have hated or even damaged my hair.  So I have a lot of experience with at home colours.

Nice’n Easy’s Root Touch Up kit was super easy to use.  Rather than the usual bottle method for mixing, it comes with a brush and plastic dish. You simply mix the tube of colour with the developer in the dish, use the brush to mix it and then brush it onto your hair.  Developing time is just ten minutes (compared to the usual half hour where I can catch an episode of Coronation Street while waiting).

My hair had lightened a little over the summer, so I chose Nice’n Easy Root Touch Up in 6NW Light Chocolate Brown which was the recommended shade, but one I would not have picked up if I had looked at the packaging only as it looks lighter than it is.  You can find your perfect shade here.

After 10 minutes, I rinsed and was surprised to find that my greys were all covered and the colour matched seamlessly.  Usually when I touch up my roots, I do them first and then work the remaining product through the rest of my hair to refresh the overall colour and make sure there is no line of colour.  There was not enough dye to do that with the Nice’n Easy Root Touch Up Kit but the colour did blend in well.

As far as lasting three weeks, I am now on week four and those greys are still hidden away, which is amazing as often I find that they do not hold colour well over time.

Overall, I would have liked a little more product to work through my hair, and would have preferred using a bottle to apply it and then work through with the brush as some dripped off the brush between the dish and my hair, but the results are great!

Try Nice’n Easy Root Touch Up

Clairol’s Nice’n Easy Root Touch Up kit is available at most drug stores for around $8 plus you can get a $2 printable coupon for a limited time (just choose Clairol from the brand box)

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  1. Very curious if I could use this on my hair as it’s colored blonde .. Something to look into!

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      They have plenty of blonde shades, but not sure how much bleach is in them or if you can only use on lighter hair

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