Essence The Gel Bottle Pictures

Essence The Gel Canada Bottle Shots Pics

I thought I would share some close ups of the colours I have found so far!

Essence The Gel Canada  05 Sweet As Candy

Essence The Gel Sweet As Candy is the only sheer polish out of the ones I have found so far, a cutesy girly pink that is not really me.  It looks great over Wild White Ways though.

Essence The Gel Canada  09 Lucky

Essence The Gel Lucky is a darker Barbie style pink.  Again, not a huge fan of pinks but this one applies like a dream (you could almost get away with one coat) and pink lovers will adore it.

Essence The Gel Canada 16 Fame Fatal

Essence The Gel Fame Fatal is your standard red, but the application is anything but standard.  It does on like a dream and is almost opaque in one coat and doesn’t run onto your cuticles.

Essence The Gel Canada 16 Fame Fatal - 1 Coat Swatch

I will swatch them all at some point, but here is just one coat of Fame Fatal!

Essence The Gel Canada 24 Indian Summer

Essence The Gel Indian Summer is a nice summer peachy colour.  As you can see from my earlier post, it applies well but the colour varies between almost pastel to almost neon depending on lighting.  While peach is far from my favourite nail colour, I was drawn to this one when I saw the display and it did not disappoint.

Essence The Gel Canada 27 Don't Be Shy

Essence The Gel Don’t Be Shy is not my typically colour, but I picked it up anyway after finding I loved Essie’s Chillato.  I knew that it was definitely not a dupe for Chillato, but not my cup of tea.  A bright lime-yellow but amazing if you like brighter colours and works well for nailart as fairly pigmented.

Essence The Gel Canada 33 Wild White Ways

Essence The Gel Wild White Ways is probably my favourite white polish (and I have tried quite a few).  It applies so well, needs two coats for full opacity (better than 3+ with some other brands), does not look chalky and is bright enough to use as a base to help colour coats pop.  As I mentioned in my previous post, the colour intensifying base properties are great and evens out the nail colour for pastels or sheers, such as Sweet As Candy above!

Essence The Gel Canada 40 Play With My Mint

Essence The Gel Play With My Mint is probably my favourite of the colours found so far, but I am always a sucker for greens and blues.  This is great on its own, but really pops with the white base coat.  Almost opaque in one coat, no streaks at all, the application really moves this one up my list of go-to polishes for summer.

Essence The Gel Canada 46 Back to Black

Essence The Gel Back to Black is exactly what it says it is, a basic shiny black.  I swatched this quickly and it needs 2 coats for full opacity but is decent in one and not a pain to build like some blacks.  It seems slightly runnier than the others with some running down onto my cuticle but dried well.

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