NYC Show Time Velvet Eyeliner Review

NYC Show Time Velvet Eyeliner

It is not very often I would share a photo of makeup after 5 hours of wear while running around on a humid day, but the staying power of NYC Show Time Velvet Eyeliner has to be seen.

My makeup was in need of refreshing by lunchtime but I had changed purses and ~shock horror~ forgot to throw an eyeliner in there!  There was a Rexall nearby so I ran in to get a cheap eyeliner to do until I got home.  Yes, I need to wear eyeliner that badly.  I looked for something cheap but soft looking and came across NYC Show Time Velvet Eyeliner for under $3 and thought that will do.  At that price, even if it lasted the 3 hours until I got home, I would be happy.

My original fading eyeliner is underneath there but still, after 5 hours, look how dark it still looks on my lower waterline.  While wearing Show Time Velvet Eyeliner, I had a meeting outside in the humid lunchtime air, grocery shopped, ran around the mall and walked home carrying the groceries.  Not quite a night of dancing, but plenty to put an eyeliner to the test.  My eye shadow is almost non existent (no primer on a warm humid day) but NYC Show Time Velvet Eyeliner has some amazing staying power.

It applies so smoothly, no tugging and it really pigmented with just one swipe of eyeliner.  It has Vitamin C and E added to condition your skin while wearing too.  Surprising for such a cheap eyeliner.  While there isn’t much smudge, I tested it after removing my makeup and it smudges well and doesn’t take on that green tinge if you apply some eye shadow over it too.

I got the Black Velvet one, but NYC Show Time Velvet Eyeliner also comes in Black Brown (which is more bronze than black) and Black Wine (a very wearable eggplant colour).  I will be going back to grab both of them.

Buy NYC Show Time Velvet Eyeliner

  • Sold at Walmart, Rexall, Shoppers Drug Mart and probably other drug stores.
  • NYC Show Time Velvet Eyeliner retails for $2.97 CDN
  • More info: NYC Show Time Velvet Eyeliner

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2 Replies to “NYC Show Time Velvet Eyeliner Review”

  1. 5hr wear time is pretty impressive! i think i have one of these, which i bought in an emergency when i didn’t have time to do any make up and had to go to work. thankfully there was a drugstore downstairs of my work building. but i haven’t used it since.

    A Beautiful Zen

  2. Good basic pencil – it looks amazing and has lasting power; for the price, how could you not?

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