Moringa? What The Bleep Is Moringa?

Moringa Products From The Body Shop (Tea & Nail Polish)

Moringa Products From The Body Shop (Tea & Nail Polish)

Moringa has been around forever and is known as a miracle plant (so I am not sure why my phone so badly wants to change it to Morning every time). Moringa leaves are a rich source of many nutrients like Vitamin A, B, C, D and E and have more vitamins than the richwe known sources such as carrots, oranges and milk. They can be cooked and eaten in many ways. They can be consumed as juice, vegetable, oil, pretty much anything but today – they are all about the beauty craze.

Using a product from The Body Shop is far from using Moringa leaves/seeds for beauty, but they smell gorgeous.  The have a light floral scent but not old lady floral, fresh and different.  While I got these in my advent calendar from The Body Shop, they just sat in my stash while I used up the multiple bottles of shower gel I already had open.  I am glad I waited because the scent just screams spring time.

Moringa Shower Gel

This shower gel is soap free but lathers really well.  Plus you do not need much, since The Body Shop products tend to be a little pricy at regular prices (but when do they not have a sale on?) this is a good thing.  It has a light scent that lasts.  Not all day but I could still get faint whiffs of Moringa about 3 hours after showering even after being stuck on a packed subway train with smelly people.  I didn’t find it as moisturizing as some of their other products, but it did not leave my skin feeling dry or tight either.

Moringa Body Milk

The Body Shop’s Moringa Body Milk is a milky lotion.  It has the same floral scent as the body wash but lasts a bit longer.  It absorbs really quickly and is actually hydrating and lasts.  The larger size has a spritzer which is great as I tend to pour out a little more than I need thinking it is thicker each time.  It has actual Moringa seed oil in in, not just scented like many so called Moringa products too.

The Body Shop has a whole range of Moringa products that have been out for a few years now.  Interested in learning more about Moringa? 

Moringa Plant

For hair & scalp: The vitamins and minerals in Moringa oil quickly absorbed by the hair and the follicles giving you a real deep nourishing treatment.  Since it is absorbed quickly and not overly oily, Moringa also moisturizes your scalp – great if you have dry scalp issues and even dandruff.  Since it is an oil and absorbs well, it helps keep your hair hydrated and combats split ends!

For skin: Moringa is moisturizing and so can help with dry skin, chapped lips and even excema/psoriasis.  I have issues using oil to help with acne, but it is a popular use for Moringa oil especially in Asian countries who are generally well ahead of us in skincare trends.  The oil is a deep cleanser and has antibacterial properties to help fight infection and anti-inflammatory properties hep reduce redness in acne and other blemishes.

Soothing cuts & burns: Moringa has natural antiseptic qualities and is an anti-inflammatory, use Moringa oil to soothe a minor burn, cut or rash and promote healing.  Last year I found a Moringa based after sun lotion, I wish I could remember what it was because it calmed my sunburn quickly and very little peeling (yes I know I shouldn’t get to the point of burn, but you try having fair Irish skin and not burning).

Sleep: Just like its calming properties for cuts and burns, the calming properties of Moringa can help you sleep when used with other calming techniques.  Obviously, you should consult a doctor before using any natural remedies such as Moringa for sleep or other medicinal/non-beauty uses.

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  1. Fully agree- what the bleep is moringa? 😉 Knowing the Body Shop though, it will smell amazing and work wonders!

  2. I had no idea that moringa had so many uses! Now I really want some. Does Body Shop sell them as oils as well?

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      Looks like just the regular product line, the oils can be found in most health stores

  3. Sounds like a nice product. I like the Body Shop, especially their body butters.

  4. We recently got a Body Shop at our mall. My Mom in Law got me some body shop stuff for Christmas, and I was actually surprised at how well it worked! This sounds like it has many uses/benefits!

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