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When I first moved to Canada, I had never heard of poutine.  I love fries, love cheese, love gravy but the idea of the three mixed (and ewww cheese curds made me think of curds and whey which does not sound all that appetizing).  It was a long time before  actually tried poutine and found that I loved it too.

A while back, DealFind offered $25 Smoke’s Poutinerie gift cards for $15.  We have a Smoke’s not far from work so I ordered one to have for next time we go there (which is a lot more than we should but it is so delicious) but we decided to try out the Hamilton one since we are both off work today.

About Smoke’s Poutinerie

Serving traditional poutine, as well as delicious combos for those who want something a little more, Smoke’s Poutinerie has something for everyone.  Choose from lots of different poutines with over thirty customizable toppings, such as grilled chicken, flat iron steak, sautéed mushrooms and chipotle pulled pork – there are vegetarian options too!  If you do not have a Smoke’s near you, they are opening new ones all the time so you might have one soon.

Our Poutines

I went for the Italian chicken poutine, one of my faves.  It has fresh cut fries with grilled chicken, homemade meat sauce and cheese sauce.  The meat sauce had chunks of meat the size of small meatballs as well as meat through the sauce.  It was topped with a very generous serving of grilled chicken and lots of cheese sauce.

He has the bacon cheeseburger poutine.  It was his first time trying Smoke’s Poutinerie so he went for basics of ground beef, double smoked bacon and cheese sauce as toppings.  He ordered and went for the WOW sized poutines – big mistake, he couldn’t even get through half of it and he has a big appetite.  It looks like there is less bacon that there really was looking at the image but it had so much meat.

Both had a generous serving of squeaky cheese curds and it was like wrapping spaghetti around the fork pulling the fries from the cheese.  Probably one of the better poutines I have had, even from Smoke’s Poutinerie.

The locations near work are always very busy.  We went fairly early (just before the lunch rush would start at the Toronto locations) but the Hamilton one was quiet, it was nice to be able to get a table and eat in relative peace.   He has already saved the list of addresses for Smoke’s locations for when he is working out of the area so I can see quite a few visits in my future.

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8 thoughts on “Smoke’s Poutinerie Review

  1. We had Smoke’s host an event at my office and it went over fabulously with all the staff! Love them and their menu; poutine, does sound disgusting at first, but its like the perfect comfort food!

  2. Well this will put a dent in the diet plan, but omg does it look delicious!!! French fries on their own are a weakness, but topped with all that die for!

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