Blogging on a Budget – Dollar Store Blogger Props

Blogging on a Budget - Dollar Store Props

Sure, we can all love those gorgeous flatlays posted by bloggers, but if you are just starting out and on a budget, props can get really expensive. It seems like ages since I posted a Thrifty Thursday post so I thought I would bring it back with a blogger themed one – Dollar Store Blogger […]

Almay Makeup Clearance Haul

Almay Makeup Clearance Haul

It has been a while since I posted a Thrifty Thursday post, and Blogmas is the perfect time to get back into it.  Shoppers Drug Mart is clearing out Almay Cosmetics.  They are not going to carry it anymore (rumour is that they are making space for NYX which is awesome but my local store […]

Using Rebate Apps to Save on Your Groceries #ThriftyThursday

I am a big coupon user, I hate paying full price for anything, but with coupon abuse and the increased cost of mailing out coupons, we have seen a lot of changes to coupons over the last year.  While 2014 was a huge year for rebate apps as new ones were released and fine-tuned, 2015 […]

Online Shopping Tips (Thrifty Thursday)

With so many more stores offering online shopping, make sure you are getting the best deals while shopping. Know Your Prices Quite often there are deals offered online that are not actually great deals.  You need to know the pricing of items you want to buy to make sure that deal is as good as […]

How Using A Nielson Homescanner Saved Us Money (Thrifty Thursday)

A bit of a different Thrifty Thursday post this week.  If you are not familiar with the Nielson Homescan, you are sent a Nielson Homescanner, a little machine where you scan all of your purchases.  When I say all – I mean ALL.  They want to know if you went to a restaurant, where you […]

Alternative Uses For Dryer Sheets (Thrifty Thursday)

One my favourite uses for dryer sheets is to put one in the central air vents for that fresh laundry smell all the time, but there are lots of uses for both fresh and used dryer sheets that can save you time and money. Cleaning With Dryer Sheets Dusting: A used dryer sheet will pick up […]

Alternative Uses For Aluminum Foil (Thrifty Thursday)

That roll of aluminum foil can be used for so much more than just wrapping food and covering trays when baking!  Here are some of my favourite uses: Use Aluminum Foil When Baking Take a sheet of foil the size of your muffin tin and place over the cups, cut an X in the foil […]