Shipping – It Just Isn’t That Hard!


This is my pet peeve, between freebies, stuff for blogging, work packages and online shopping, I get a lot of mail.  Ask my mailman – I get more than the rest of my street some days, the Purolator guy knows the name of my cat.  I don’t blame the delivery people at all.  I have my issues with Canada Post’s proposed changes but that is a blog for another day.  My pet peeve is companies that send a tracking number before they send items.

Don’t get me wrong, I choose free shipping 99% of the time, I know I may have to wait for my items even if past experience shows that usually free packages are delivered almost as quickly as expedited.  But if you send me a tracking number you know I will just call and whine when after 2 days it still has not left your warehouse.  I have no issue if it takes those days for you to actually ship – but do not fake ship me stuff.

I have had several recent instances of this.

Best Buy “we ship next day” and I did receive that UPS tracking number.  3 days go by, it was a Boxing Day purchase, I will cut them some slack but 3 days?  After a week I call them and they say oh it shipped.  Yes but I do not have the item and UPS have no record of it.  Wait another few days and see if it shows up you say? No the item is on sale locally, cancel my order and I will just go buy it.  No, we can’t cancel because it shipped!  BUT IT DIDN’T, YOU STILL HAVE IT!! did this to me last year when they moved, after 3 days I asked why my item had not shipped, I understand you are busy moving but perhaps warn us of that?  The next day they sent me a tracking number but it did not send for almost a week.

Now  I have five packages I am waiting for, all with tracking showing they were sent.  After 2 business days one of them (guaranteed next day delivery, yeah thanks Canada Post)  has shown up and one is in transit.  The other three, all different companies have information submitted but no pickup details.

UGH just send ship notices when you actually ship so I can arrange to be home for the delivery, not thinking it will come the next day!

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