GlamST: Give Yourself A Virtual Makeover

glamST Virtual Makeover

Ever seen an amazing deal on makeup online but not had the time to go shopping to check it out before the deal sells out or expires or need a new colour to go with that new dress?  Or even worse, tried a new lipstick in those lovely perfectly set lights in the makeup store to get home to find the colour is completely different than you thought?

glamST Virtual Makeover Before & AfterGlamST can help you out!

It allows you to create a virtual makeover using real makeup brands.  You just upload a photo of yourself (or use one of their model) and can try out different makeup – playing with makeup in my warm jammies makes me love it a little more.

Use GlamST to try different foundations, concealers, blush, powder, eyeliner, mascara, eye-shadow and lipstick/gloss.   You can also browse makeovers for inspiration and will be able to ask for their advice on which products work best.

If you up upload your own image, you get little pink dots that you frame your face, eyes and mouth with to ensure the makeup is applied correctly according to your face.  This is great for me as I have fairly thin lips so many virtual makeover tools leave me with lipstick on my skin and dark/bright tones do depend a lot on lip shape.

Once done, save your makeover and you can go back to it later to check which brands/colours you bought (great if you are out shopping and see clearance/sale makeup).   Share your makeover on social media and let all your friends see how great you look!  Tip: if you have a headshot that was not taken & professionally edited,  use GlamST to hide any imperfections – just adding the concealer tool makes a huge difference!

glamST Virtual Makeover TipsThey also have tips on your homepage so you can make the most out of your makeup such as giving yourself yourself an instant eyelift using a highlighter (not the yellow office kind for those who are not makeup junkies) or heating your eyelash curler with your hairdryer to help curl your lashes and keep the curl all day.

GlamST’s virtual makeover toool is fairly new so they are still adding new makeup (they welcome feedback so make some recommendations based on your favourite makeup brands). I would also love to see some different makeup styles because a thick winged eye is not for everyday use and I usually blend two eye shadow colours but I am sure that will all come soon.  Some blending options for makeup would be great too but you can get a general blend idea by clicking less/more. is the new platform that helps women find the best beauty products. It combines a virtual makeover tool, smart recommendations and social advice to help women make their best choices online.  Click here to try your own virtual makeover or here to visit them on facebook.

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20 Replies to “GlamST: Give Yourself A Virtual Makeover”

  1. Victoria Ess says: Reply

    That’s such a neat tool!! It’s a great way to try out new spring trends like orange lipstick! 🙂

  2. That is totally fun! I could spend hours playing with it!

  3. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

    It is, they have some colours I would never think to try in-store in case they are terrible on me

  4. Elaine Laforge says: Reply

    I used an eye lash curler for years but never would have thought to heat it beforehand, awesome tip 🙂

  5. interesting idea! Im going to play around with it for awhile!

  6. Wendy Arnott says: Reply

    Hey great! I’m a strawberry blond/redhead/part brunette but my skin is peaches and cream, so I fear trying new makeup as getting used to a new style makes me feel like I’m on display. This would allow me to get used to an idea and save me from some 5$ mistakes!

  7. This is fun! Would share this with friends

  8. Chandra Christine O'Connor says: Reply

    looks like fun

  9. Very cool!

  10. What a cool idea. I’ve wondered if the new coral shade of lipstick looks good on me. Now I can tell.

  11. This is a nice way to try out trends! Great idea!

  12. I love this idea. I wear makeup often but mostly just foundation and lip gloss. I’m not really good at knowing what colours suit me when it comes to things like eye shadow or getting a little more daring with my lips. It would be great to see a preview before I make a purchase.

  13. Wendy Arnott says: Reply

    Ugg, dislike. Tried it and thought it was scary. Maybe with more work and the addition of the less expensive makeup companies like Covergirl and Revlon, it will be worth trying again.

  14. What a cool way to try out new colors without having to buy the items!

  15. I think the GlamST is a neat thing to check out. It helps gives you a fairly accurate idea of how the products would look, almost like a virtual Sephora. Nice find!

  16. Cheryl Grandy says: Reply

    I’ve tried a virtual hairstyle makeover, but didn’t know it was possible to do makeup too. I don’t use much makeup, so probably won’t try this tool, but I can see how it could be fun for someone who really wants to experiment.

  17. Amazing! I could spend hours on this experimenting with new makeup and looks.

  18. Nena Sinclair says: Reply

    I love this idea, it’s so cool! It could save you a lot of $$ too, not wasting money on products that don’t work for you.

  19. very cool idea i’ll have to take a no makeup selfie this weekend and try it out 😉

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