DAVIDsTEA Grape Freeze Tea

DavidsTea Grape Freeze Review Perfect Spoon

Grape Freeze is one of the newest teas available from DAVIDsTEA and while Cotton Candy has stolen my heart, Grape Freeze makes a nice refreshing iced tea.  Despite being an organic tea, they added Stevia to this green tea, something to be aware of it you are sensitive to sweeteners.  Despite being the more natural […]

DAVIDsTEA Cotton Candy Tea Review

Davids Tea Cotton Candy 2016 Boardwalk Collection Tea Review

So I had planned to review some different teas for this week as I felt like it was becoming more of a DAVIDsTEA review day than all teas.  But then DAVIDsTEA released to Boardwalk collection and sucked me into buying more teas.  Since they are limited edition, I thought I would review them before the others, […]

DAVIDsTEA Electric Lemonade Review

Davids Tea Electric Lemonade Iced Tea Review

Add a little zip to your iced tea with DAVIDsTEA Electric Lemonade, a tangy maté tea perfect hot or cold.  With the bold, tangy flavours of lemon, currants and berries, it’s tart, fruity and anything but shy. And with an added boost from a big hit of yerba mate, it’s guaranteed to leave you feeling […]