Avon Lavender Sky Geometric Design #31DC2016

31DC2016 Day 16 - Geometric Swatch - Avon Lavender Sky and MdU Fantasy - Pueen Geo Lover 02

Keeping the geometric prompt for the 31 day nail art challenge fairly simple as I wanted to keep the last two looks on as long as possible.  Luckily, I own a Pueen stamping plate called Geo Lover 02 making it an easy choice for today.  It looks so plain after using multiple polishes for flowers and delicate print but works with a bulkier stamping image. Polishes used in my look: Avon Gel Finish Lavender Sky Mundo de Unas Fantasy Pueen Geo[Read more]

31 Day Challenge – Days 1 – 4 #31DC2016

Days 1 through 4 of the #31DC2016 31 Day Challenge hosted by Chalkboard Nails

I had planned on participating in #31DC2016 but somehow September just crept up on me and before I realized it, it was the 3rd and I had not done any of them.  Not giving up, I spent my day playing with nail polishes and making a huge mess.  Since I am behind, I cheated a little and rolled days 2 and 3 of #31SC2016 into one day.  I figured it was better than just skipping one completely and well, three[Read more]

Avon Fall Colour Report: Green Nail Polishes

Avon Fall Trends - Green Nail Polishes - Citronized - Turquoise Pop - Noir Emerald - Envy

I love a good dark green in fall but the Avon Colour Trend Report for fall shows that all greens are in and they have options for every skintone and look from brighter yellowed greens like Citronized, ultra wearable blue-greens like Turquoise Pop and your typical darker jeweled greens like Noir Emerald.  I already had Gel Finish Envy in my collection which looked a lot like Noir Emerald from the Nailwear Pro+ line. Avon Gel Finish Citronized from Fall Colour[Read more]

Avon Mark. All Bundled Up Bath & Body Collection

Avon Mark Bundled Up Handcream and Body Mist Review

Mother Nature gave us a teasing taste of fall the other day and while personally, I was loving the cooler weather, I had to laugh at people in coats.  They are probably the same people who wear shorts as soon as the first hint of spring hits too.  As much as I hate the heat, I am not a winter lover either so fall weather just makes me so happy, a nice warm comforting sweater, a hot tea and curl[Read more]

DAVIDsTEA Supreme Pekoe

DavidsTea Supreme Pekoe Tea Davids Tea Review - Perfect Spoon Loose

On to the next of the new limited edition traditional teas from DavidsTea this summer, Supreme Pekoe.  I had high expectations for this one, I love black teas and as a “supreme pekoe” it had to be good right? They promise a smooth cuppa of plain black tea giving a rich, malty and bold blend that has hints of sweet graham cracker notes.  Sounds perfect!  DavidsTea recommended adding milk and sugar to this, which I will get to in a bit[Read more]