The Other 12 Days of Blogmas

12 Other Days of Blogmas 2017 - Blogging Goals

If NaBloPoMo has taught me anything, it is that my life is fairly hectic for planning a post a day.  Thirty posts in a month is one thing, ensuring you have one every day is another.  I have no issues getting 4-5 posts a week up and have even managed 30 in a month before without planning to do that many.  So posting every day in December for Blogmas is not going to happen.  So I am joining the Other[Read more]

Flexitol Lip Balm Review

Flexitol Lip Balm Reviews

As I mentioned in my recent Lipivir review, my lips get really dry and need regular exfoliating and moisturizing.  A simple lip balm or moisturizing lipstick is not enough, especially if I wear mattes or am out in the wind.  One of the few lip balms I have actually been impressed with is Flexitol Lip Balm for Extremely Dry Lips.  This is meant to improve dry and chapped lips in just one day. The before and after photos for Flexitol[Read more]

The Chill Zone Nail System & Snowflake Nails

Chill Zone Nail System Review: Snowflake Nails Using Coconut Cream Tart and the Beaches of Turks and Caicos

Chill Zone is a new to me brand.  Founded in 2010 by the Homma brothers, one a nail tech, the other a chemical engineer, they promise quick drying, long lashing and high shine polishes with a 3 free formula.  I tried their nail system of dehydrator, base coat, tip capper and top coat as well as several polishes.  I am sharing my review of the Chill Zone nail system today as well as some snowflake nails using Coconut Cream Tart[Read more]

Frizz Free Hair with Giovanni 2Chic & Conair

Frizz Free Hair with Giovanni 2 Chic and Conair Infiniti Pro

I have the worst hair.  Coarse and frizzy.  It never wants to be straight and sleek for more than a few hours but won’t hold a curl well either.  So I try all kinds of frizz care products trying to get it to behave.  The most recent being Giovanni 2Chic Frizz Be Gone.  As a natural and vegan range, I will admit I didn’t have high expectations.  I find they often don’t leave your hair feeling clean or are hard[Read more]

Christmas Memories With The Body Shop + Win An Advent Calendar!!

the body shop advent calendar giveaway

Growing up, my sisters and I always did our Christmas shopping together.  My parents would take us to Oxford Street in London to see the trees and lights and we would do all of our shopping in one day.   It was a rare time we were allowed to break off from our parents to go and get my mum’s Christmas present.  There was a huge The Body Shop store and they let you make your own gift baskets.  You chose[Read more]