Prevent Your Nail Polish From Chipping and Peeling

how to stop your nail polish chipping and peeling off

I have probably mentioned this hundreds of times, but I am hard on my nails.  Yes, I love my nail polish and probably change the colour and design 4 times a week but part of this is necessity.  My nails and I do not always get along and no matter how careful I am, the polish on my index fingers chips easily or just peels away as an entire sheet.  On the rare occasions I do want to wear the[Read more]

Palette Bingo Nail Art – Mi Vida Loca Palette

Palette Bingo Gradient Nails

Some of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers are playing palette bingo.  Over the last week, they created looks with the Kat von D Mi Vida Loca palette.  Since I don’t own it, I decided to join in the palette bingo challenge with a nail look using similar colours. The chosen colours were: Destroyer (red), Echo (bright purple), Synth (bright blue), and Legend (gold) and you had to use all four in your look. Yes, I was lazy as I still had some[Read more]

Bring Back The Bees Nail Art – Mani Monday

Cheerios Bee Nail Art - Bring Back The Bees Buzz

I have been meaning to try the bee themed stamp from my MoYou London The Pro plate for ages and when I heard about Cheerio’s Bring Back The Bees campaign, it seemed like the perfect time. Image: @MarkCullen4 via LifeMadeDelious In case you haven’t noticed, Buzz, the Cheerios mascot, is missing from their latest packaging.  Buzz is missing because there’s something serious going on with the world’s bees. With deteriorating bee colony health, bees everywhere have been disappearing by the millions so Cheerios[Read more]

Easy St. Patrick’s Day Nail Art Ideas

St Patricks Day Nail Art - Stamp Macro

My Irish grandma would probably shudder at the cheesey-ness of Irish flags on my nails, she would let us wear green ribbons in our hair and remind us that we were Irish every day, not just on St. Patrick’s Day but any excuse for some nail art! I have three simple nail art looks for you including some easy to apply shamrock nail decorations from Dollarama. Irish Flag Themed St. Patrick’s Day Nail Art Zoya Beatrix (Pixie Dust) Zoya Logan[Read more]

THEFACESHOP Milk Calcium Nail Pack

THEFACESHOP Milk Calcium Nail Pack - Packaging

My nails take a real beating with my addiction to nail polish.  Between swatching, nail art and general painting my nails every day because who wants to wear the same colour?  My nails and cuticles are always desperate for a little TLC and THEFACESHOP’s nail pack provides that much needed blast of moisture.  You can pick up a Milk Calcium nail pack for dry rough fingernails or Paraffin nail pack for brittle nails. Now I am fully aware that soaking your[Read more]