KISS Full Cover Active Square Nails Review

Kiss Full Cover Nails Review using My Indie Polish Candi

Kiss Full Cover Nails Review

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been trying our a bunch of artificial nails.  Some have been terrible and some decent.  I would’t say I have found the perfect set yet but KISS Full Cover Nails are affordable and work for my nails.  I picked up a pack of 100 for under $9 at my local Walmart.  Given the sizes of the nails, you don’t get 10 manicures from a box, maybe 5 depending on which sizes you use.  They come in a couple of shapes, but I grabbed the medium length Active Square full cover nails.

KISS Full Cover Nails Review Using Active Square Nails

Kiss Full Cover Nails Reviews

I have a decent length nail bed so am wary of some artificial nails.  I often have to cut my nails really short so they don’t stick out at the sides.  These medium length KISS Full Cover are perfect for me.  My ideal nail length after filing off any visible tabs.    They do have a fairly strong c-curve for those with flatter nails and since they are fairly thick, do not flatten well.  Something to consider as these do not have an opening where you can really see the size of the nails or try them against your own fingers.

Kiss Full Cover Nails Review using My Indie Polish Candi

The KISS Full Cover Nails fit my nails really well once they stopped pinching from being more curved than my natural nails.  It is nice to get a pack that are wide enough for all of my nails.  I only did a little filing on my index finger but the cuticle is not perfectly shaped on that nail.

They are also white and not natural nail looking so you have to keep them painted.  You can see glue lines under the nail too when not painted, so don’t go for a sheer polish.  Polish does last ages on them though.  My body chemistry doesn’t react well to many polishes so having an almost black polish on for 3 days with absolutely no chips or tipwear is amazing.

KISS Full Cover Nails Removal and Maximum Speed Glue Review

The glue dries really quickly, so you have to be fast with these.  Make sure you have sized them and done any filing before adding glue as you have seconds.  Great glue for on the go fixes though.  They were well stuck by the time I had done both hands and didn’t budge as I filed the tips.

Kiss Full Cover Nails Review - Thickness

The only major downside to them is the thickness.  My nails are fairly thin but these take some getting used to.  I took a photo before capping the tips and doing top coat so you can see how thick they are and the type of c-curve you get.  That being said, they don’t break at all and I have changed the polish on them 3 times and wore them for 9 days before soaking them off in acetone.  They took about 10 minutes to soak off, which is decent.  A few nails took a little longer.

Kiss Full Cover Nails Review using My Indie Polish Candi - Overview

Overall, I am fairly happy with KISS Full Cover nails.  They last amazingly and while I have tried thinner ones, these fit better for my nails.  I have reviews of some various nails coming!  You also get a sneak peek of an upcoming post.  So if you are interested, that beautiful polish is My Indie Polish Candi.

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