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Joe Fresh Extended Sizes and Plus Sizes Fall 2017 Release Collection

.I was pretty excited when I heard the news that Joe Fresh would be extending their size range.  They have some cute but affordable pieces, but their old size range was too small for us plus size ladies.  They have so many in store offers for PC Plus Points and you know I love a reward program that helps me save on my groceries when I spend my cash on other stuff!  The Joe Fresh Extended Sizes collection is available online and in stores today.  So it was one of the first websites I visited after getting online and seeing that I have a PC Plus app offer for points for every $75 spent in store!

Joe Fresh Extended Sizes – Top Picks For Work

Joe Fresh Extended Sizes / Plus Sizes For Work 2017 Fall Release Collection

While some of us get to wear jeans to the office, some of us work in formal settings where it is an army of black, white and navy.  Joe Fresh has us covered with some basic pieces at decent prices for plus size wear.  Here are some of the pieces I will be checking out to buy for my work wear closet:

  • Women’s Fit & Flare Dress – $29.  I have a similar dress from Addition Elle that I paid around $60 for on sale so at under $30 plus points, this simple dress is first on my list to check out.
  • Women’s Charcoal Draped Blazer – $49. Plus size jackets and blazers can be super expensive so while the pattern would not be my top choice, I will at least try this one on to see how the fit is.  It looks like it would go with most of my work wardrobe (overhwelmingly black).
  • 2-Pack Plus Size Pantyhose – $6. Ok, these are not much cheaper than elsewhere but if you can actually pick up plus size packs in the grocery store and not make a special trip, it is all good.

They also have a bunch of accessories like scarves, shoes and bags to check out.

Joe Fresh Extended Sizes – Top Picks

Joe Fresh Extended Sizes and Plus Sizes - 2017 Fall Release Collection

The collection is new and there is no denim or super relaxed pieces yet but there are some on my list to try out that I would not necessarily wear to work.

  • Women’s Print Cardi – $29.  Fall is coming and I love sweater weather.  This cardi can be paired with office wear or jeans and is priced decently.
  • Women’s Lace Back Swing Tee – $24. Available in blue and black, this has a fair amount of lace but full coverage for the lumps and bumps at the front.
  • Women’s Seam Front Pants – $39. Work or going out, I practically live in black pants so these are on my list to check out.  They are a pull on style with no zips so might be super comfy!

Joe Fresh Extended Sizes and Plus Sizes 2017 Fall Release Collection

See the full Joe Fresh Extended Sizes range here.  Several of the categories show coming soon so hopefully we get a bigger selection in the coming months.

Images courtesy of Joe Fresh / contains affiliate links.


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