Avon Gel Finish Clover Nail Polish Swatches & Review

Avon Gel Finish Clover Nail Polish Review

So many new shades from Avon’s Gel Finish line.  This is Clover and the fourth of the new shades hitting the next Avon catalogue.   If you missed them, see my swatches of TerracottaRose Noir and Head In Clouds.  Still to come after today’s beautiful light green is Violuxe.   I did not expect it to be a one coater given the more pastel colour, but Clover has decent opacity and completely covers visible nail line in two coats.  Dry time is good.  By the time you are done one coat, it is dry enough that it is ready for a second and I stamped after about ten minutes with no smudging.

Avon New Gel Finish Polishes Summer-Fall 2017

Avon’s Gel Finish line rarely disappoints me.  They are high shine, opaque polishes and come in a great variety of colours.  The Gel Finish formula is three free and includes a strengthener for long lasting vivid colour with a gel like shine – no curing lamp needed.

Avon Gel Finish Clover Swatches

Avon Gel Finish Clover Nail Polish Swatch and Review

Two coats of Avon Gel Finish Clover in natural sunlight

Avon Gel Finish Clover Nail Polish Swatch and Review - Shade

The colour is more muted when Avon Gel Finish Clover is shown in natural shade

Avon Gel Finish Clover Nail Polish Swatch Stamped with MdU High Green polish and XYZ26 stamping plate

Avon Gel Finish Clover stamped with Mundo de Unas High Green and XY-Z26 stamping plate

I really like the designs on this stamping plate.  This one has a more tree bark look to it but works great in green too.  XY plates are available from AliExpress and usually super affordable, about $1 each if you check various sellers.  Well worth picking up.

Can You Stamp With Avon Gel Finish Clover?

Avon Gel Finish - Do They Stamp - Rose Noir - Clover - Terracotta - Violuxe - Head In Clouds

Avon Gel Finish Clover Nail Polish - Does It Stamp

I did not expect Clover to stamp as well as it does.  It is not a one coater and pastels can be finicky when stamping.  It shows quite well over black and white.  I imagine less so on medium toned shades but for a non stamping polish, it works.  I do have better actual stamping polishes, but definitely can be use in a pinch.

You can pick up the new Gel Finish shades from your local Avon representative starting in August.

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