Quo by Orly Freshly Cut Stamped Manicure

Quo by Orly Freshly Cut Stamped Shade Indirect Sun

Quo by Orly Freshly Cut Stamped Shade Swatch

Quo by Orly Freshly Cut (stamped) – Shade

I tend not to wear red polishes very often but Quo by Orly Freshly Cut caught my attention in the clearance racks at Shoppers Drug Mart.  I can’t resist any Quo polishes when they are on clear-out for only $2 and grabbed a few different ones.  Red is not a colour I usually wear alone though so of course, I had to add some stamping.  The black just tones down that in your face red-orange colour and makes my skintone look less lobster-y.

Quo by Orly Freshly Cut Stamped Shade Indirect Sun

Quo by Orly Freshly Cut (stamped) – Indirect Sunlight

Freshly Cut has a shimmer in the bottle that is less visible on the nail but gives the polish an orange tinge that seems more wearable than a bright red.  Dry time is great and definite the shimmer, it did not have many visible brush strikes and smoothed out well with top coat.  Wear time was not great but this is an older polish being cleared out, so likely due to age as I find most Quo polishes last on me.  It looks like Quo by Orly’s Freshly Cut was first released in 2011 for the Christmas collection so they may have been in store a while.

Quo by Orly Freshly Cut Manicure – Products Used

Quo by Orly Freshly Cut - Pueen Fairytale Lover02 - Born Pretty Black Stamping Polish

  • Basecoat: Pro-FX Stickey Base Coat
  • Quo by Orly Freshly Cut (2 coats)
  • Top coat: Quo by Orly Color Amp’d weekly top coat
  • Born Pretty black stamping polish
  • Ctl+Alt+Del liquid latex (because I know this stamping polish stains)
  • Pueen Fairytale Lover 02 stamping plate
  • Born Pretty large clear jelly stamper

I used the circle style image you can see in the bottom left corner of the packaging from the Pueen Fairytale Lover 02 plate from my Pueen Love Box 02.  Stamping it from just below the centre circle at the tip of each nail which covered about half of my nail with the exception of my baby finger where it is closer to the cuticle.  The plate works great and since the stamping was only at the tips, did not stain too badly.

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14 Replies to “Quo by Orly Freshly Cut Stamped Manicure”

  1. That shimmer is incredible!

  2. Ooh, what a pretty design! Love the orange metallic undertone of that polish- so striking! 🙂

  3. next do the hearts!

  4. That gold shimmer in the bottle looks amazing!

  5. Really pretty shade and the added stamping is pretty as well

  6. I love that design, but that shimmer in the polish is lovely!

  7. Look at that shimmer! It’s a shame it doesn’t fully transfer to the nail. I love the stamping, too. I love wearing reds myself, but only if it’s cremes so a nail art is a super yes for me!

  8. That orange shimmer is so gorgeous and I love how it makes a typical red polish almost fire.

  9. OMG that Quo! Those are the kind of shimmers of my dreams.

  10. Krystal Moore says: Reply

    That shimmer is beautiful. Great mani!

  11. That shimmer makes this polish all kinds of win!

  12. I love how this turned out, that base colour is to die for!

  13. Such an amazing design !

  14. […] with a base of two coats of Quo by Orly Freshly Cut, a beautiful red polish with an orange shimmer (seen here).  Stamped with MoYou London Fashionista 04 stamping plate, which has some great line and […]

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